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Alves to Neymar: "I always want my friends by my side"


Alves to Neymar: "I always want my friends by my side"

Neymar y Dani Alves.


Dani Alves attempted to sell PSG to his Brazil team-mate after beating Monaco to the French Super Cup. "I speak with him every day," the full back said.

‘The world belongs to the courageous’ was the message that Dani Alves sent to Neymar after winning the French Super Cup with Paris Saint-Germain. Alves invited one of his ‘best friends’ to sign for PSG, despite claiming to not interfere with the Barcelona winger’s decision.

Alves attempts to lure Neymar

“I speak to him every day, but not about football. I try to calm him down,” Alves said after PSG beat Monaco 2-1 to win their first silverware of the season.

“I hope that the move materialises, but I’ve got nothing to do with his decision. It’s a very important question for him. Men have to face up to these kinds of decisions. I always want my friends by my side. We would welcome him with open arms.”

'Decisions like this are for the brave

The full back recalled how he encouraged Neymar in 2013 “so he would come to Barcelona. I didn’t make the decision, I simply told him what Barça were about, and he decided to come. Decisions like this are for the brave. I am the bravest, I left Barcelona for Juve. Now, Neymar has to look to his maturity and progression. If he wants to stay, he should. If he wants to go, he should go. Obviously I would prefer that he’s with us.”

Neymar has reportedly told his Barcelona team-mates that he will leave the club he joined from Santos four years ago.


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