Valverde: "I'll be the one to decide if Messi and Suárez are rotated"


Valverde: "I'll be the one to decide if Messi and Suárez are rotated"

Valverde: "I'll be the one to decide if Messi and Suárez are rotated"

The Barcelona manager also says it is too soon to be talking about changes as just a month ago they "were a disaster after losing the Super Cup to Real Madrid"

Ernesto Valverde sppeared in front of the press to discuss his team's game against Getafe and to assess where some of his players were at having joined late and with some having already played a lot of games between Super Cups and international breaks.

Getafe vs. Barcelona how and where to watch.

On Getafe: "The start of the game is always very important. They defend well, are aggressive, press well and they have a dangerous strategy. We will play for nine points this week and they are playing with a lot of confidence. They will try to run at us on the counter and surprise us."

Rotations: "The group consists of the 11 that play and during the season everyone is going to play. There can always be changes, when they play a lot of matches. The physical state that they are conducive to good results."

Aleix Vidal: "I am happy with him and his performance. He can help in two positions. In any moment, things can change and someone will always be left out. Aleix was a starter a couple of weeks ago against Alaves in Vitoria."

Dembele: "He's getting closer and closer to match fitness which is a move in the right direction. He is a player who wants to offer us a whole lot and we just need to get it into his head that we play a different style of player here in Barcelona that what he had in Dortmund but that doesn't really affect much else."

Messi and Suarez being rotated: "We will see what the trainer thinks but the most important thing at the moment is to win."

Changes from the year past: "It's too soon to talk about changes. Just a month ago, we were a disaster after losing the Super Cup. Every manager does his things and there is little build-up of knowledge yet to make an evaluation.


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