• first half
  • 15'
  • 30'
  • second half
  • 60'
  • 75'
  • 90'
R. Sociedad

27' Kévin Rodrigues

35' Llorente

41' Illarramendi

45' Januzaj

56' Out Canales in Vela

68' Out Xabi Prieto in Juanmi

76' Out Januzaj in Agirretxe

Real Madrid

18' Mayoral

35' Kévin Rodrigues

37' Marco Asensio

60' Bale

63' Casemiro

74' Out Mayoral in Lucas Vázquez

85' Out Marco Asensio in Dani Ceballos

92' Out Theo Hernández in Nacho


Real Sociedad 1-3 Real Madrid LaLiga 2017-18: match report, goals, action

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Real Sociedad 1-3 Real Madrid LaLiga 2017-18: match report, goals, action

Real Sociedad 1-3 Real Madrid: match report

Real Madrid equal Santos' record for number of consecutive games with a goal at 73 and also grabbed three points in what was, at times, a comfortable victory over Real Sociedad.

The game started with Real Madrid in control and they were looking dangerous from the get-go. They could have had a penalty after a couple of minutes but the ref didn't spot the push on the back of Theo Hernandez.

They did have their first goal on 19 minutes though when Borja Mayoral spread the ball out wide to Asensio and he clipped it towards Ramos in the box. Ramos was being fouled with an arm around his neck but he got a touch to it and Mayoral drove home to opening the scoring.

FUTBOL 17/18

Against the run of play entirely, Real Sociedad had their equaliser when a cross from Idriozola found Kevin Rodrigues free at the back post and he drove a volley at Keylor Navas. The Costa Rican will want to forget it too as it slipped underneath him and rolled over the line.

It would be long before Real Madrid were back in the lead after a Real Madrid counter-attack when Borja Mayoral found himself with the support of Isco and a chasing Elustondo as his only company. He somehow figured out a way to be caught up with but went by Elustondo when he squared him up. His squared pass was deflected into the net by Kevin Rodrigues, who had arrived late as help.

Real Sociedad started the second half with far more purpose. They were attacking with clearer intentions but it was Real Madrid who struck first when Gareth Bale raced all of 73 metres and got on the end of a long ball and took a lovely first touch before chipping over Rulli and leaving Real Sociedad in a tight spot. It was Bale's sixth goal in five games at the Anoeta and he has never failed to score when he plays in San Sebastian. It was also too much for Real Sociedad to deal with.


The clearer intentions that Real Sociedad started with left them in trouble as the game opened out and Real Madrid continued to look comfortable. They had a couple of half-chances but Real Madrid defended that lead resolutely and never truly looking under pressure.

Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid live stream online: minute by minute

90'+5' Game over. Not entirely convincing from Real Madrid but comfortable.

90'+5' Ramos up looking for a goal. He passes out left to Bale and he crosses. Rulli manages to gather the cross that flew up into the air.

90'+4' Just a matter of time now as Real Madrid run down the clock.

90'+2' Nacho replaces Theo Hernandez.

90' Carlos Vela fires over now from out on the right.

88' Rodrigues and Carvajal slide into each other. Another sore one.

87' Asensio replaced by Ceballos.

87' Theo Hernandez fouls Carlos Vela byt throwing his head down at the ball. Referee not fooled. Free to Real Sociedad.

85' Carvajal got a foot to it before the attacker and Zurutuza kicked Carvajal as he followed through. No penalty but a sore one for Zurutuza.

84' Another good chance for Real Sociedad. Zurutuza gets on the end of a flick from Willian Jose and shoots towards Navas but it's easy for the keeper..

82' We almost had a fourth. Real Madrid score through Asensio but it's ruled out for offside.

81' Vela crosses to Willian Jose and he gets in front of Ramos but his shot is saved by Keylor Navas.

79' Agirretxe gets a head to an Idriozola cross and heads over. Carvajal down now grabbing the side of his face but he's back up and fine. Goal-kick.

77' Agirretxe replaces Januzaj.

76' Isco with a lovely little pass to Vazquez and he is toppled over by Rulli, who beats him to his second touch.

75' Bale gone centre forward.

75' Mayoral is replaced by Lucas Vazquez.

74' Isco drives over now. 

72' Casemiro goes down a tackle from Casemiro. 

71' Kevin Rodrigues drives a shot well wide from a mile downtown. But it was nice contact.

69' Prieto replaced by Juanmi.

67' Januzaj with a free from the left. Casemiro is fouled in the end. 

65' Real Sociedad win a corner but nothing doing for them. Real Madrid looking quite solid at the back.

64' Vela fouled by Casemiro and he is booked. 

61' What a finish. Bale races free after confusion in Real Madrid's penalty area and he leaves Kevin Rodrigues for dead.

60' Idriozola fouled by Isco. He looked to have lost possession. 

57' Carlos Vela replaces Sergio Canales.

57' Canales drives over a left-footed curler.

56' Vela ready to come on.

56' Idriozola pushed out over the endline as he tries to cross. No free as it rolls into Navas' arms.

54' Elustondo gives away a corner that he really should have just kicked into the stand for a throw. He knows it too.

53' Diego Llorente with another chance from a set-piece. He drives a shot that won't sit up for him at Navas.

52' Mayoral on a hat-trick after a reverse pass from Asensio. He hits first at Rulli and then hits the rebound straight at the side netting. So close.

50' Foul by Januzaj on Carvajal during the winning of the corner but ref gave nothing. Really poor decision yet again.

50' Januzaj wins a corner and Diego Llorente throws his head at it forcing a safe pair of hands from Navas.

49' They then get involved in some afters and Prieto taps him on the face gently.

49' Prieto gets pulled down by Theo in the box and he goes down. No penalty but on second look it would have been very harsh.

47' Real Sociedad starting the second far better than they did in the first. 

46' Second half is underway at the Anoeta. No changes for either side.

  Real Sociedad emerge back on the field.

  The Anoeta crowd are really unhappy with the referee. He is just having a poor game in general.

  One of the big things was going to be Idriozola versus Theo, two of the brightest full-backs in world football. But Theo is winning the ball. He has been solid and added a dimension to Real Madrid's game that Idriozola can't add to Real Sociedad's.

45'+2' Half-time as the Anoeta are not happy with the referee's job.

45'+2' Mayoral offside as Real Madrid try to build an attack.

45'+1' Januzaj booked for potesting after Casemiro seems to foul Januzaj and it's not given before Ramos is then fouled. 

45' Odriozola runs it out over the endline.

44' And then Asensio fires just over. This is not what anyone expected.

44' Modric fires and Rulli saves.

43' Anoeta going nuts now for an earlier free that wasn't given as Asensio drives wide.

41' Yellow for illarramendi as he pulls Isco back.

39' Cross comes in an Llorente nearly gets too it after pushing off a Real Madrid defender. Real Madrid clear.

38' And now asensio booked for what looked like a very tame foul on Willian Jose. 

36' Llorente was booked in the counter attack too.

36' Hard to explain what happened. Real Sociedad came within inches of scoring another from an identical position as their first. Real Madrid and Mayoral breaks free. He makes a mess of it but recovers and crosses only for Diego Llorente to knock home into his own goal.

36' GOAL! Mayoral. 

35' Back to business as usual as Real Madrid are on top. Real Sociedad could do with an attack of their own. This much pressure against Real Madrid is never good.

34' Ball comes in from the left hand side again and Casemiro headers down but Rulli makes a lovely save down low.

33' Ball from Theo Hernandez and Rulli flaps at it. Very lucky there was a teammates behind him and not a Real Madrid jersey.

33' The cameraman or fan seems to be fine as he is carted off and gives the fans the thumbs up.

29' Delay at the Anoera as the cameraman behind Real Sociedad's goals seems to have collapsed, or his camera fell on his or somethng. He is in some trouble.

29' GOAL! Against the run of play. Kevin Rodrigues drives a cross home under Keylos Navas. A howler from the Costa Rican.

27' Modric fouls Willian Jose and some light relief for Real Sociedad. No cards yet (not to suggest it deserved one). 

26' Ball falls to Modric on the edge of the square from a corner but he loses out and Real Sociedad break before they lose it again. Really poor from them for the moment.

25' Real Sociedad can't do anything right. They need to be careful here or this one could get out of hand for them.

23' Januzaj and Casemiro renew acquiantences agains as the Brazilian fouls. Anoeta wants a yellow card. Not happening.

23' Ball over the top by Casemiro and it's onto Asensio but his pull back is cleared again.

21' Idriozola manages to get by Theo but a push in the back sees him end up on the ground. Ref gives no free. Ref doesn't seem to think pushing in the back is a free as he didn't give one on Real Sociedad either.

19' He started and finished the move. A pass out to Asensio and he sent it into Ramos and it landed on his foot. Rulli had no chance.

19' GOAL! Mayoral buries it. Sergio Ramos looked to have been fouled just before it and probably would have been a penalty but that wa s a lovely finish from the striker.

18' Ball ends up landing to Willian Jose at the corner of the box and he shoots at Navas, who is under no pressure from that one.

17' Willian Jose with a little tickle of the ear on Casemiro before the corner comes in.

16' Theo manages to get inside Idriozola and squares to Asensio but last gasp challenge and Real Sociedad are safe.

15' Then Januzaj is upturned by Casemiro, who comes in from the side.

14' Theo Herenandez into the box with a run and Canales pushes him in the back. Looked like a penalty but ref doesn't even budge.

13' Having said that, it has been all Real Madrid.

11' Real Sociedad don't look overawed in this one. They are very confident in everything they're doing right now!

10' Ball in over the top to Bale, who has taken a central position, but it's way over the top.

8' Dani Carvajal with a ball into the box. It takes a deflection and is cleared.

7' Theo goes to take off and Canales fouls him. The method being taken is to stop him before he even gets going!

7' Odriozola takes on Theo and wins a throw. 

6' But back to the action and less of the shenanigans. Isco with an ambitious cross to the back post from the left. It flies out and Real Sociedad get the chance to take the ball down. It's been all Real Madrid to start.

4' Always a few whistles to spare for Sergio Ramos too.

3' Real Sociedad booing Keylor Navas whenever he gets the ball.

3' Asensio the latest to draw a whistle from the ref. Anoeta loud now. 

2' Real Madrid have a corner and they take it short. Ball comes in from Modric and Casemiro pushes Januzaj in the back.

1' Bale starts on the right. Mayoral is up front and Asensio, well, we haven't really seen him yet.

1' We have action at Anoeta! 

A low of 13 degress there.

The lashings or rain in San Sebastian tonight. Hopefully, for the neutrals amongst us, it's raining goals too.

Willian Jose had 12 in 28 league games last year, which trumped his 8 in 30 the year before. If he manages to stay fit, he could come close to 20 this season. He already has two after three in LaLiga this season.

It seems as though Eusebio is not going to back down in this game either. He says, "The start has been very positive so much so that we are all convinced we can win tomorrow," said Eusebio, who asked his players "to take advantage of everything they have been doing well and to keep improving so that they can be even stronger." It doesn't sound like a man looking to change a winning formula even if it is for a huge game.

Your best bet tonight is sit back and enjoy because this one has goalfest written all over it. 

Here is a good read as to why Real Sociedad are competing at the top this season without spending a whole pile of money.

Few teams tend to match Real Madrid for goals scored by Real Sociedad have four more than them (10) after three games. Real Madrid have six in that time and both sides started their respective European competitions in good form. 

Both Real Madrid and Real Sociedad are undefeated in their last nine matches. That comes to an end tonight?

They also both signed with Real Madrid in the summer of 2013 and both had similar starts but Illarramendi knew early on that he was best to go home to Real Sociedad. Isco stuck it out and is now one of the crown jewels in Zidane squad.

In terms of tactical battles, down the left of Real Madrid with Bale versus youngster Odriozola, that could be a massive one and it will be interesting to see if Mayoral can figure out how to trouble Diego Llorente and Aritz Elustondo. But the most important one will be how Illarramendi handles Isco. It will also need all of Prieto's nous to slow him down but that space that Isco loves to occupy will be crucial for Real Madrid and everything that happens in the final third.

Diego Llorente has scored three goals in his first two starts for Real Sociedad. Illarramendi, who could not make it work at Real Madrid, has now equalled his record for times scored than he has before in a season. 

Team news in now for Real Sociedad. A couple of former Real Madrid players in that XI: Rulli, Odriozola, Llorente, Aritz, Kevin, Illarra, Prieto, Zurutuza, Canales, Januzaj, Willian Jose.

Real Madrid obviously without Kovacic, Kroos, Benzema through injury and Marcelo and Ronaldo through suspension.

Theo starts at left-back in place of the suspended Marcelo. Varane comes back into the side to partner Ramos. Casemiro, Modric and Isco look to be playing as the midfield three. Modric will likely slot a little further back where Kroos usually operate and Isco will operate in a more free but similar role to the one Modric usually plays.

We have a Real Madrid XI: Navas, Carvajal, Varane, Ramos, Theo, Casemiro, Modric, Isco, Asensio, Bale, Mayoral

We know that Gareth Bale has had a difficult time of it recently. He showed up in Madrid during the week when he was whistled by some fans and told to "Speak Spanish!" He should start tonight as he almost has to given the names ruled out of Zidane's options. He also started Real Madrid's scoring run in April 2016 when he scored against Real Sociedad at the Anoeta! They could break Santos' record tonight if they hit the back of the net, making it 73 in a row.

Not entirely related to the game tonight but LaLiga has suffered it's first casualty. Luis Zubeldia has been sacked by Alaves. Former Real Madrid assistant manager, Aitor Karanka, has been linked up as a replacement, however. As far as teams on your CV that you have been involved in and managers too, Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho are a combo pretty high up the list.

The news that Dani Carvajal signs his new long term deal is obviously straight after Isco and Marcelo. But apparently, Real Madrid are also lining up Nacho, Benzema and Zidane for contract extentions. It is interesting when you consider Isco's new release clause is €700 million. Barcelona thought they had Neymar locked down with his €220 million clause and Bartomeu said they didn't think it was feasible for anyone to buy him for that money. Is Real Madrid's new strategy to pump already-high release clauses up to even more astronomical figures in an effort to really assure their players stay in a different market.

Casemiro is looking forward to the game tonight and we're looking forward to the midfield battle between the barnstorming Brazilian and his predecessor in the role at Real Madrid, in-form La Real linchpin Asier Illarramendi.
Real Madrid have been busy tying players down to extended contracts recently and Dani Carjaval becomes the latest to put pen to paper on a new deal that will keep him at the club until 2022.

Isco is likely to start in Anoeta this evening and has been in fine form for club and country for several months now. Valencia are probably kicking themselves they didn't hang on to him for longer and it's not as though they had no idea he was going to be a bit handy as his debut goal for Los Che amply proves.

It's fair to say fans and the media in Spain are slightly obsessed with referees and their performances when officiating the big clubs. It will be interesting to keep an eye on Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva this evening in Anoeta: he has taken charge of more Real games than any active ref and has never overseen a defeat for Los Blancos, with a balance of 14 wins and two draws in 16 fixtures.

What with all his problems with injuries and suspensions Zidane had to dig deep into his squad - and Real Madrid Castilla - to put together a list for the game at Anoeta and has called up Franchu from the reserve side to make up the numbers.

And here's Real Sociedad's squad for this evening, with Eusebio a little less affected by injuries and suspensions than his opposite number.
  Madrid are without Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo (both suspended), as well as Toni Kroos, Mateo Kovacic, Karim Benzema and Jesús Vallejo (all injured) for tonight's game in Anoeta. Here's a reminder of Zinedine Zidane's squad for this evening. 
Sociedad have kindly provided some stats ahead of the game, which Real have had the better off since the txuri-urdin's 4-2 victory in 2014-15.

It's a tricky game for Real Madrid this evening as they travel to scenic San Sebastián to take on joint leaders Real Sociedad, who have scored three or more times in every game this season. Zinedine Zidane will be looking for Gareth Bale to be a bit more clinical in front of goal than he was against Levante. Here's what the Real boss had to say ahead of the match in Anoeta.

Real Sociedad - Real Madrid live stream online: match preview

Real Madrid and Zinedine Zidane travel north to beautiful San Sebastián in what could be a top-of-the-table clash at Anoeta on Sunday night.

It's Real Madrid's toughest test of the season so far on as they take on a Eusebio-led Real Sociedad side that can't stop scoring to start LaLiga and the Europa League.

Real Sociedad

No fewer than three goals in their first four games, and four in a couple, is what Eusebio has brought to the table having been linked to the Barcelona job before Ernesto Valverde was appointed at the end of last season.

He has Real Sociedad playing some scintillating football and is getting goals from all over the field including a few from new signing, Diego Llorente at the back, along with a couple from Asier Illarramendi, who had never scored more than one in an entire season before.

But goals have been coming from the more usual suspects too and Willian José, Juanmi and Mikel Oyarzábal getting of the mark early too.

Real Madrid

Zinedine Zidane's season couldn't have got off to a better start with victory over Manchester United in the European Super Cup and hammering Barcelona in the Spanish one. Since then, however, results have been mixed and injuries seem to be slowly but surely piling up.

Karim Benzema and Mateo Kovacic will both miss the bulk of two months while Jesús Vallejo trained inside in the side's last season before the trip north to San Sebastian but Zidane confirmed that both those players will miss out on Sunday. Meanwhile, Marco Asensio should return to the side after sitting out the APOEL Nicosia game after an ingrown hair became infected.

Not injured, but not available through suspension, are Marcelo and Cristiano Ronaldo. Both players will return for the midweek game against Real Betis but if Real Madrid drop points against Real Sociedad, they might themselves looking up at Barcelona for a very long stretch this season, relying solely on Barcelona's failures as opposed to being the masters of their own fate.

Zidane says that Dani Ceballos will play but has to be patient with the manager's plan for him and Theo Hernandez has been training to play in place of Marcelo despite his debut in the league not going to plan against Levante even though he was deployed further forward on the left-hand side.

Real Madrid are also looking to beat Santos' all-time scoring record and if they can manage to score on Sunday, it will be the 73rd game on the trot that they have found the back of the net. Interestingly, it was at Anoeta back in April 2016 that the streak began when Gareth Bale gave los Blancos a 1-0 lead.

Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid live online: potential line-ups

Real Sociedad XI: Rulli; Odriozola, Elustondo, Llorente, Kevin; Illarramendi, Prieto, Zurutuza; Juanmi, Januzaj, Willian José.

Coach: Eusebio Sacristán

Real Madrid XI: Navas; Carvajal, Varane, Ramos, Hernández; Casemiro, Modric, Isco; Vázquez, Bale, Asensio.

Coach: Zinedine Zidane

Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid live online: selected betting odds

The bookies have this one priced fairly tight, with Sociedad at 15/4 and Madrid at 8/13 for victory. An interesting punt is on Real Madrid to win and Marco Asensio to score from outside the area, whic hpays out at 5/1. Gareth Bale is chalked up at 7/2 to bother the onion bag first, with Willian José at 11/2 and Diego Llorente, who has three already this season, is priced at 100/1 to his two against his old club.

Bet on Real Sociedad - Real Madrid.

LaLiga Santander

Table PTS W D L
1Barcelona 12 4 0 0
2R. Sociedad 9 3 0 0
3Sevilla 7 2 1 0
Full standing
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LaLiga Santander

Table PTS W D L
10Atlético 5 1 2 0
11Real Madrid 5 1 2 0
12Getafe 4 1 1 2
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