Leaked emails show Liverpool not selling Coutinho to Barcelona

Leaked emails show Liverpool not selling Coutinho to Barcelona


Sevilla - Barcelona: Copa del Rey quarter-final

Following the summer transfer saga over Philippe Coutinho’s potential transfer from Liverpool to FC Barcelona, more information has come to light about the disputed stories between the two clubs. Emails have been leaked showing that backs the Premier League side’s claim that they had no intention of selling and asking Barça to “stop harassing” their player.

Liverpool reject three Barça offers

Several offers were made by the Catalan giants but each time The Reds refused point blank, however, reports coming from sources close to Barcelona maintained that Liverpool were ready to sell once the price was right. The emails that have been published by German paper Der Spiegel show a clear and repeated response to the pursuit of the Brazilian: he is not for sale.

Liverpool's Philippe Coutinho in the Champions League against Sevilla.

Based on the information in the emails:

Late July – Liverpool reject Barcelona bid for Coutinho of about £72 million. "The player is not for sale at any price"

Early August – Michael Edwards (Sporting Director, LFC) responded to improved offer of £90 million. “I ask you amicably to stop harassing Coutinho publicly and privately. No amount of money will change our minds."

Despite these clear statements from Liverpool, a the transfer window neared its end, a third bid of £114 million was made to them for their star player. Again this was denied.

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Coutinho agent to keep transfer under 100 million

More insights from the German paper, one that has close ties to Football Leaks, reveals that Coutinho’s agent was incentivized to keep the transfer under 100 million euros. If that was achieved, he would have pocketed 10 million euros.

It was a long summer for Liverpool's Brazilian midfielder Philippe Coutinho.

The player on the other hand was in line for 115 million euros over the length of the five year contract on the table. This would have put him in the salary bracket of Luis Suárez, Gerard Piqué, Sergio Busquets and Andrés Iniesta.

Recently Coutinho broke his silence on the saga.