Brazil asks: "Why hasn't Casemiro been renewed at Real Madrid?"

Casemiro, en el vestuario de la selección de Brasil

Real Madrid have given 13 players new deals in the past two summers, but Casemiro is one of six still on their old deal along with Nacho, Ramos, Keylor, Casilla and Kovacic
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Casemiro is yet to sign a new deal at Real Madrid, and the situation is causing concern in his home country of Brazil. "He's still not renewed and he's a vital player [for Real Madrid]" announced website Terra en Brasil. A question that's repeated on the radio, on the television and in the pages of the sporting press.

Real Madrid renewing other players

Brazilians are proud of the muscular defensive midfielder, and the player is ever more important in Zidane's plans (88 games and nine goals), but he's one of six players who haven't been included in the club's plan to 'armour-plate' the squad to protect it from opportunistic moves to sign their leading players. In total 13 players have been handed new deals over the course over this summer and last: Asensio, Marcelo, Isco, Benzema, Carvajal, Marcos Llorente, Varane, Lucas Vázquez, Bale, Kroos, Modric and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Player Contract ends
Ramos 2020
Modric 2020
Keylor 2020
Casilla 2020
Mayoral 2021
Marcos Llorente 2021
Vallejo 2021
Kovacic 2021
Casemiro 2021
Lucas Vázquez 2021
Nacho 2021
Benzema  2021
 Cristiano  2021
 Achraf  2022
 Varane  2022
 Isco  2022
 Carvajal  2022
Kroos 2022
Bale 2022
Marcelo 2022
Theo 2023
Asensio 2023
Ceballos 2023

Casemiro part of Zidane's plans

After winning the Décima, Ancelotti decided to move Casemiro on to Porto, but Real Madrid still had very high hopes for the player, and put in place a repurchase option of 7.5 million euros, which Benítez triggered. The coach believed in him, but didn't dare play him against Barcelona (opting for a more 'Presidential' line-up) which massively backfired (Madrid lost 0-4). A defeat that was the end of the line for Benítez.


Una publicación compartida de Casemiro (@casemiro) el

With the arrival of Zidane, Casemiro was left in the shadows until the 0-1 defeat by Atlético. The French coach turned to muscle and played Casemiro in the next game. Since then he's been a regular starter. His presence in front of the defence, tirelessly tidying up, has been vital in balancing a side with the bbC up front, none of whom are that keen on dropping back to defend, and in winning Zidane's seven titles in a year and a half. In Brazil the player's followers see his vital role in the side and wonder why he hasn't been given a new deal as just reward for his contributions.


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