Simeone "We put in a complete game; Messi was tremendous"


Simeone "We put in a complete game; Messi was tremendous"

Simeone, en un momento del partido frente al Barcelona.


"Saúl continues to grow. He's a player who really wants it and when a player wants it, football repays them", Simeone said after the 1-1 draw with Barcelona.


Diego Simeone said he was satisfied with Saturday's 1-1 draw with Barcelona, even though his side were leading for an hour before Luis Suárez levelled on 82 minutes. El Cholo also praised rival striker Leo Messi for the "amazing display" he put in following his escapades with Argentina earlier in the week.

Saúl gets the party going at the Wanda

Atleti and Barcelona, a half each

Overview of the match: “Both teams play with their own characteristics. During the first half, we had more chances than Barça to score and Ter Stegen did well. In the second half it was Oblak and Barcelona who were the best players. We weren't able to hit them on the counter-attack to go on and win the game and once again Messi put in a tremendous game which enabled them to level the score”.

Atlético: “We put in a very complete game. We didn't make the most of our counter-attacks by opening up spaces, for example the one with Griezmann and Correa, in which the ball ended going behind Ángel. But overall, we competed well as a team”.

Was the team chasing the ball too much? “We were playing against the team who play the best possession football in the world. It's very difficult to play against Barça and in the first half we managed to limit the amount of damage they could have caused us. In the second half they did punish us. It was a game which both teams were trying to win and it ended in a draw”.

Saúl: “He growing as a player. This morning he went on his own to the gym to train. He's a player who really wants it, and when a player wants it, football repays them”.

Simeone hails a great night of football at the Wanda

The Wanda Metropolitano: "The stadium is fantastic. We were treated to a night of brillant football, with two great teams. Messi was amazing - and he wasn't as tired as some thought he might be. He had a tremendous game. And we saw an Atlético who rose to the occasion and competed".

Griezmann looked uncomfortable: "I thought it the best game Griezmann's played at home. He had two chances in the first half. In the second half he set up a chance for Correa, he held the ball up for us, played well with his back to goal...".


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