Goalkeeper dies in Indonesia after colliding with teammate



Goalkeeper dies in Indonesia after colliding with teammate

Choirul Huda collided with Ramón Rodrigues and was taken from the field in an ambulance. He later died from the impact to his head and the back of his neck.

Choirul Huda, the goalkepper for Persela Lamongan in the Indionesian first division, has died this Sunday after colliding with his teammate Ramón Rodrigues. The tragic incident happened in the 45th minute of the game against Semen Padang, when both players went to clear a ball.

Goalkeeper lost consciousness after the collision

After the collision the goalkeeper was left clearly disorientated and lost consciousness soon after, still on the field of play. He was stretchered off and taken from the ground in an ambulance, receiving treatment from doctors who at that point began to suspect that the keeper had suffered major trauma.

Tragically Choirul Huda died within an hour of reaching the Soegiri Lamongan hospital. A statement from the medical team caring for him said that his death had been caused by the "blow to his head and the back of his neck". 

According to reporting by the BBC, Dr Nugroho, from Dr Soegiri Lamongan hospital in Lamongan, East Java, said the collision resulted in Huda "stopping breathing and [caused a] cardiac arrest".

The doctor said a medical team had attempted to revive the player but after an hour there were "no reflexes or signs of normal life".

Persela coach Aji Santoso spoke after the match, saying: "All of the players finished the game and went to the hospital, where it was announced that Choirul Huda had died. The loss of Choirul Huda has hit us all hard. We did not have time to see a doctor, only to see his body."


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