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Míchel calls on linesman to stop game after homophobic chanting


Míchel calls on linesman to stop game after homophobic chanting

'El Día Después' TV programme showed how the Malaga coach requested that Saturday's game be halted after a blast of homophobic insults were aimed at the 54 year old.

Movistar+ show 'El Día Después' showed footage from Saturday's game from Camp Nou where the Malaga first team coach was subjected to homophobic chants from a sector of the home fans.

In the vídeo the chants of "Míchel, Míchel, maricón (queer)" can be heard hailing from a section of the Camp Nou fans and immediately they were whistled out by another section of the home fans as a form of recrimination. 

"Stop the game"

With his team behind after a dubious early first goal, when replay footage clearly shows that the ball had crossed the goal line for a kick-out, the Madrid born coach, clearly agitated requested that the linesman inform match-official Pablo González Fuertes of the chants stating: "Para el partido. Me están llamando maricón" (Stop the game, they're chanting "queer" at me).

With the request being ignored, Míchel added "eso no lo dices, eh" (you keep quiet about that eh!) a clear reference to the earlier error that saw Malaga chasing the game from the second minute.


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