De Bruyne: "David Silva is so under-rated in England"


De Bruyne: "David Silva is so under-rated in England"

The Belgian international feels that Silva deserves more credit and admits that he has learned a lot from the Spanish player.

Kevin de Bruyne is a key cog in Pep Guardiola's Manchester City who are streaking away from the rest in the Premier League after having won nine out of 10 games, and opened up a five-point lead over their closest rivals, Manchester United.

Guardiola's pass and move philosophy explained

Tomorrow, City are visitied by Arsenal and in an interview with the Daily Mail, De Bruynegave an insight into some of Pep Guardiola's methodology - for example, the coach doesn't want his teams to play a possession game whereby the ball is just being passed around at the back. “He hates the word 'possession' where you just play it at the back with the goalkeeper. The idea of a passing game is to get me and Silva into positions where we can create an attack. Then we need to go forward and be decisive. Pep does not like it where you just pass it for the sake of it. Only at the end to kill games off. For the rest, there is really something behind it", De Bruyne told Jamie Redknapp.

"Everyone needs to be in position to create the openings we have. We like to play a lot where you pass the ball forward and it comes back because it makes it easier for us to attack because the midfielders have to turn round".

David Silva

Silva secrets

As for David Silva, De Bruyne feels his team mate doesn't get the credit he deserves in the Premier League. “He is very under-rated. It's insane how not a lot of people are really talking about him. He has played for Spain more than 100 times. He's won everything he needs to win and gives me the perfect balance. I learn a lot from him about retaining the ball. When I came here I was more a high-risk player, creating opportunities, taking risks but also losing the ball. Now there's a lot of things I have learned from watching him. When I came here my pass ratio was more like 70 per cent because I know I take risks”.


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