Pochettino: "I wouldn't change Tottenham for any club"


Pochettino: "I wouldn't change Tottenham for any club"

Pochettino: "I wouldn't change Tottenham for any club"


The Argentinean coach said he was only focused on his current club, despite rumours of interest from Real Madrid.

Mauricio Pochettino's fine work at Tottenham Hotspurs since his arrival at the English club in May 2014 and the victory in the Champions League last week against Real Madrid has seen the rumours start to swirl about the possibility of him making the leap to the dug-out at the Bernabéu next year if Zinedine Zidane, the current Madrid coach, is unable to turn things around, with Real Madrid currently struggling with form.

Pochettino focused on Tottenham

Although at Real Madrid everyone concerned is quick to say that the club has full confidence in their French coach, in England the question has already been put to Pochettino about a hypothetical offer next summer. His response though was unequivocal.

"Today, Tottenham is in my head 100%. Today, I do not change Tottenham for another position in the world because I am so involved, so focused.The club deserves to have people that think only about the club, the fans, the players and the structures – and they provide us with an unbelievable life. It’s important to recognise that. It’s an amazing club and it’s so important for us to pay back the club for the way that they treat us.”

“I don’t want to lie,” said Pochettino. “Always, I want to be honest and I say: ‘I don’t think about tomorrow. I don’t think about next season.’ Because it doesn’t depend only on me, it depends on many circumstances. And it’s so important to be respectful and prudent, cautious and intelligent."

Tottenham is "the best club in the world"

All of which leads to the Spurs coach saying, "The most important club in the world is Tottenham. And it is the best club in the world. I need to feel like this and that emotion is real because I cannot be fake. It’s too difficult to create the trust if you don’t really believe and it’s not real, that emotion."

One of the reasons for the obvious happiness of the Argentinean coach is his good relationship with club boss Daniel Levy. " “Before I arrived to Tottenham, everyone said to me: ‘It’s so difficult to have a very good relationship with Daniel,’” Pochettino said. “But I have discovered a great man. I feel that he trusts in me and I trust him. I don’t care what happens around myself because I know very well that I am so happy here and we have a great relationship".

It's evident Pochettino is very happy at Spurs, but if Zidane's Real Madrid don't start improving soon expect the rumours to continue to swirl...


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