Casillas: "I'm getting closer to hanging up the gloves..."

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Casillas: "I'm getting closer to hanging up the gloves..."

Casillas: "I'm getting closer to hanging up the gloves..."

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The Porto keeper spoke after winning the 2017 Golden Foot Award: "I'd like to stay within the world of football but I'm not sure in what capacity."

Iker Casillas won the 2017 Golden Foot Award on Tuesday and received his prize at a ceremony in Monaco, where he spoke about his past, present and future in the game.

Career: “I have been very lucky in football, ever since I started. I have to be grateful to this sport, which has given me so much joy and also so much sadness, but I will always remember the happy moments more. Behind the players are the fans, who suffer and who believe in their team. I have had the opportunity to make a lot of people happy.”

"Zidane was exquisite, beautiful on the ball"

Best player you’ve played with at Real Madrid and for Spain? “At Madrid I had the good fortune to coincide with Zidane, a player of exquisite class, everybody who saw him play enjoyed watching him. He was beautiful on the ball. As for Spain, that’s difficult. Eight years ago Spanish football started its moment [in history] and if I have to go back over it, it would be Andrés Iniesta, who is the leading example of the Spain that won titles.”

The Robben save in South Africa: “It was one of those moments that football throws up. A keeper has to play his trump card when needed, keep going until the final whistle and make sure the ball doesn’t go in the net.”

Casillas: "I definitely want to stay involved in football"

Best moment in your career? “There are two: the Champions League we won in 2000, the eighth, when we beat Valencia in Paris. And then, the World Cup in South Africa.”

Plans for retirement and future in football: “Every day I’m getting closer to hanging up the gloves. I’d like to remain within football but I don’t know in what capacity. But I definitely want to stay involved in the football world.”



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