Russia's Ignatyev: "Spain are a level above Argentina"


Russia's Ignatyev: "Spain are a level above Argentina"

El centrocampista de Rusia Vladislav Ignatiev consideró que "España tiene mayor nivel que Argentina" antes del amistoso de este martes en San Petersburgo.

Jose Manuel Vidal.


The Lokomotiv and Russia midfielder warned that Tuesday's friendly against Julen Lopetegui's team will be just as tough, if not more, than the Argentina game.

Russia midfielder Vladislav Ignatyev assured today that next week's friendly meeting with Spain in Saint Petersburg will be just as tough, if not tougher, than their last outing - Saturday's game against Argentina which they lost 0-1: "It's not going to be any less complicated, I'm pretty sure about that. In my opinion, Spain are a notch or two above Argentina in terms of level".

Ignatiev, who has been recalled by Russia coach Stanislav Cherchésov after being absent from the squad for the past two years, says he's ready to take on Spain: "I'm fit to play, and I'm ready if the coach decides that I should play. With which Spanish player would I exchange shirts? I'll wait and see", he told reporters today.

Lokomotiv's Vladislav Ignatyev on the ball in the recent Europa League meeting with Sheriff

Russia gave Argentina a run for their money, says Ignatyev

The 30-year-old felt Russia didn't put in such a bad performance against Messi and Co. at the weekend: "We all know the kind of quality Messi and his team mates can produce but we weren't afraid of them. Glushakov did a good job in midfield. I thought we put in a disciplined display and showed we wanted to make a game of it and play our football. We only lost by one goal, right at the end", he concluded.


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