James reflects on the extinction of the classic number '10'


James reflects on the extinction of the classic number '10'

James reflects on the extinction of the classic number '10'



The Colombian midfielder, currently on loan from Real Madrid at Bayern Munich, explains what it's like being a player from a position that no longer truly exists.

"I don't think there are any No.10s left in the world." James Rodríguez says it clear. The Bayern midfielder explained to the Bundesliga website that his natural position on the field has no place in the modern game. "Football today is tactical and very physical, with no place for a No.10," said the Colombian player. 

James travelled to Europe in 2010 with Porto. "When I arrived at Porto, they told me clearly: 'We know you’re a classic 10, but here you’re going to play as a forward'.” From that moment, I started working as a "false 9", also running towards the centre. Eight or 10 years ago it was different, because attacking midfield was a regular position. Today, those who have a 10 on their back are normally centre-forwards or complete midfielders," he said.

Since Jupp Heynckes came back to the Bayern bench, the on-loan Real Madrid player has started to again show his best football. "In recent games I am playing better and that is because I am playing more. Now I have more flow, more minutes, and it's noticeable."

About his new coach , the Colombian said that "he has lots of experience, he has spent many years in the football world."

The Bundesliga website highlighted the new role of James Rodríguez. In the game against Hannover (3-1), the Colombian touched the ball 111 times and completed 88 passes. Heynckes said in the press conference before the Champions League game against PSG that the midfielder will be in the starting line-up.  

Despite the fact that he plays in a position that has its days numbered, James is having his best spell since arriving in Germany. "The cold is a little bit hard for me but I am getting used to my new life. I am taking German classes and step by step I am understanding more. I'm settling in," concluded the player.

James is on loan to Bayern from Real Madrid and the Germans have an option to buy him for 35 millions euros.


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