Ramos confirms he'll need painkillers to play the final


Ramos confirms he'll need painkillers to play the final

Ramos confirms he'll need painkillers to play the final



The captain said: "I suffered quite a severe sprain and if it were another match I might have sought other treatment but I like finals too much..."

Sergio Ramos accompanied Zidane to look ahead to tomorrow's Club World Cup final against Brazilian outfit, Grêmio. The centre-back missed the semi-final against Al-Jazira due to pains in his calf muscle and neck but insists he wouldn't miss this final for anything - even if it means having painkilling injections before the game.

Ramos suffering sprains to calf and back muscles

How are you feeling physically and what are your chances of starting tomorrow?

I'm feeling a lot better - I had a bit of discomfort in my calf but I'll recover. I also suffered a sprain in my back, close to my neck. But I've been training without problems and I'm available to the boss. As for the team, this final is a new opportunity for us to make our mark. We're hopeful that we will be going home with another trophy after a week here in Abu Dhabi.

Will Madrid be more motivated than against Al-Jazira?

Whenever there's a trophy in play, the motivation is always greater. It's a chance to win another trophy. On a personal level, it's a privilege to add another one to my own list of honours.

Do you think Madrid should bring in reinforcements in January?

It's not for us, the players, to make those kinds of decisions. It's for others to evaluate what the team needs. I've always maintained that we have an amazing squad, and one which is capable of contesting all of the competitions we are involved in. Beyond that, we're always open to the proposals which will make the team stronger. But right now, we are focusing on winning this trophy. After that we need to beat Barcelona and we'll see what happens in the New Year.

Ramos in training in Abu Dhabi today

Ramos toasts "Magnificent, unforgettable year"

What would it mean if Real Madrid brought 2017 to a close with five trophies won in one calendar year?

It's already been a magnificent year - unforgettable for the team and for the fans. But it's something which here, you need to be showing day after day - you cannot conform with what you have won in the past. Let's hope we can celebrate more successes in the not too distant future. Whenever there is a trophy in play, Madrid push hard to win it.

What are your thoughts on Grêmio?

We've been studying them. We watched their game against Pachuca. As a team, they are technically very good, and quick on the counter attack. We know that their best striker won't be playing tomorrow. I know that Grêmio aren't going to make it easy for us. They're a side that competes well but we're ready for them.

If this wasn't a final would you still play?

Being the way I am, I like playing all of the time - whatever the game. But it's true that I suffered quite a nasty sprain and in other circumstances, I'd probably seek alternative treatment. But I love finals. I'll make an extra effort to be at my best. It's not a serious problem. A little medical help will make it easier for me.

The Spanish Federation has received a letter from FIFA warning that Spain could be expelled from next year's World Cup...

I don't think Spain will lose everything we've achieved on the pitch for a bureaucratic issue. I find it very difficult to believe that Spain won't be at 2018 Russia.


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