Perez and Real Madrid captains wish Madridistas happy holidays



Perez and Real Madrid captains wish Madridistas happy holidays

"2017 was the best year for titles in our 115-year history," said Florentino as he was joined by Zidane, Ramos and Marcelo to wish Madridistas happy holidays.

2017 will go down as a historic year in the history of Real Madrid. Over the course of the last 12 months, they won the Champions League, the Spanish and European SuperCup, the Club World Cup and LaLiga. In addition, they claimed Spanish basketball's Copa del Rey. Never before have they won so many trophies in one year and with these victories fresh in the memory, Florentino Perez and the captains of the team met to send their best wishes to everyone in the future and to congratulate the team for their historic success.

Florentino Pérez: "2017 has been a year that Madridistas will never forget. In football, it was the year of the 12th European Cup and the five titles: the Champions League, the 33rd LaLiga title, the European SuperCup, the Spanish SuperCup and just a few days ago, the sixth victory in the Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi. The titles won have been the best in our 115 year history. For all Madridistas, 2017 has been a year of great happiness."

"Madridistas feel proud of our team and our manager, Zinedine Zidane. They form part of the legend and the myth that is Real Madrid. Also, in basketball, we won our 27th Copa del Rey and we are enjoying an unforgettable period, with 13 titles in six years under our coach Pablo Laso. And the most important thing is that we are moving forward together. Our members and fans have continued being fundamental in all of our successes, with your support in every game and every final. They are titles that have been won through unity and with the values that Real Madrid represent."

"I spend these holidays like I always spend them, with my family and my kids, my grandchildren, my brothers, cousins and all of my loves ones. We wish you lots of happiness and the very best in the new year."

Zidane: "We have to continue on the same path in 2018"

“I am very happy. We won five titles and we finished in the best possible manner, winning the Club World Cup. The balance sheet is very positive for us and we have to continue on the same path in 2018. This is what we want."

"We share them holidays with our families, because this is when we can all be together and at home. It is a moment to enjoy together."

Sergio Ramos: "I hope this streak lasts a long time"

“It has been a fabulous year and historics for everyone, not just for the club but on a personal level too. It was a very complete year with sacrifice and constant effort that reward you in the end. You have to be conscious of what it takes."

"It says it in the history books. We have never had such a successful year, with as many titles. It is a small bonus to keep working, achieving success and adding titles. That is the ideal path to follow and hopefully this streak lasts a long time and we can continue enjoying this sweet and beautiful era."

"In my house, there has always been a lot of noise at this time of year. We feel that Christmas is a special time and now with the arrival of two boys, even moreso. Father Christmas and The Three Kings are coming. You have a few days to disconnect a little bit from the routine and enjoy with your family. You live very close together and we look forward to enjoying."

Marcelo: "We have enjoyed a lot throughout the year"

“We have won five titles and this was one of our objectives: win the macimum number of titles possible. We have given everything, we have worked hard to achieve these five titles. For this, I would call it a very good year. We have enjoyed a lot throughout 2017."

"It's a time we live with lots of happiness and lots of music, having the most fund with my family. I can visit my family in Brazil and we can enjoy it."


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