Verratti's former agent: "Neymar in a golden prison at PSG"

Di Campli, the former agent of Marco Verratti says he fought against a club and a state and that he live the ugliest moments of his life when dealing with PSG.
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Neymar con el PSG.

Donato Di Campli, Marco Verratti's former agent, was very critical of the Italian midfielder in Tuttsport and says with PSG "I lived the ugliest experiences of my life". According to the agent, the 25-year-old showed "zero gratitude, for me Verratti does not exist. The problem is not just that I fought with a club, I fought a state. I was brushed aside like a grain of sand," he said.

Regarding the possible departure of Neymar from PSG, with Real Madrid reportedly keen to sign the player but will have to outdo the €222 million PSG paid for him as he has no release clause, Di Campli says, "nobody will move Neymar from Paris. That also applies to others. The team has more potential than any others and the players are in a prison made of gold that they don't want to give up on because these contracts are impossible in other places. Like that, they stay despite the fact that Ligue 1 is a Puppet league there is only one club."

Similarly, Pastore can't leave even though he is hardly played by Emery. "I have also been on vacation with Pastore, he is a great guy. And obviously, he doesn't like to play so little, but with the contracts that there are in Paris....."