Leo Messi open to joining Beckham's Miami MLS team


Leo Messi open to joining Beckham's Miami MLS team

The Argentina captain congratulated the former England midfielder on his new project and suggested he may be interested in playing in the USA later in his career.

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Leo Messi sent David Beckham a message of congratulation after the former Manchester United, Real Madrid, Milan and PSG midfielder announced he would be launching an MLS team in Miami in 2020 and hinted that he may be interested in becoming the first marquee signing for the new club.

Well, who knows if in a few years there’ll be a phone call,” the Argentina captain said in a video message.

Beckham lands his MLS dream team

Beckham has been attempting to set up a team in Miami for some years after exercising an option written into his contract at LA Galaxy to purchase the rights to an expansion franchise in 2014.

The new MLS side will play in a 25,000 seat stadium in the Overtown area of Miami.


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