Extortion claims as intimate photos leaked of club president and player

President of Paraguyan club Rubio Ñu de Luque, Antonio González, revealed the whole story after images of him and Bernardo Gabriel Caballero were released.

Filtran las fotos íntimas del presidente de un club panameño con un futbolista. Foto: redes sociales

Rubio Ñu de Luque, a small club in Paraguay is facing a backlash following the leak of intimate photographs of the club president and one of the team's players.

Antonio González, the director in question, decided to come out and give explanations for the images and although he confirmed that the footballer, Bernardo Gabriel Caballero, was his partner, said that the leak was an attempt at extortion to force through the transfer of the player.

Two videos posted on Facebook

González uploaded two video clips to Facebook in which he explained the situation and used strong, insulting language against the player and tore up his contract saying, "A man is a thousand times more jealous than a woman. I don't like that he is threatening me."

Admitting the couple's relationship

"Let's be sincere," he confessed in an interview with national paper, Diario Hoy, "He is someone who has been together with me in Rubio Ñú for two years. He is a very special person for me and, in short, is my partner. He had all the privileges: vehicles he had never dreamed of. He drove Mercedes Benz, Land Cruiser, Prado, Hilux."

Leak for extortion

In addition, González spoke about a man called Valentín being the one responsible for releasing the photographs without his permission.

"He had to leave the club because he was taken to Mar del Plata," he said referring to the team playing in Torneo Argentino A. "I had to take this measure so that he didn't come back; this is where the problem began. I am not telling this story out of spite, I do not own anyone. The problem is that one took the love and appreciation. He was my boyfriend."

The leak of the images has caused a scandal in the country hitting the front pages of much of the national media.