Real Madrid's Marcelo picks his all-time XI: no Casillas, Modric is captain


Real Madrid's Marcelo picks his all-time XI: no Casillas, Modric is captain

Marcelo hace su XI ideal sin Casillas: Modric, Zidane, Neymar...



The Brazilian defender responded to questions from supporters and one of the answers included him picking the best ever team which includes compatriot Neymar.

Real Madrid's Brazilian defender Marcelo uploaded a video to YouTube of him responding to a variety of questions put to him by suppoorters. His answers gave us a little insisght into his career, the changing room dynamics and his chosen all-time XI.

Marcelona on: most difficult game

"I think it was the one we played against Atlético [the final to win the Undécima]. It wsa very difficult. We swapped blows. We had to score a goal and they also had to do so, it was crazy. When the game finished I ran to my family. It was really tough."

Marcelo on: Brazilians in the changing room

"When I first arrived, the Brazilians helped me. Roberto Carlos helped me a lot, as did the others that were there too: Ronaldo, Baptista, Cicinho, Robinho, Emerson. These days, if there are Brazilians then it's great for us. It's perfect. I want Brazilians here but I have a great relationship with the Spaniards and other foreign lads:"

Marcelo on: his all-time best XI from past teammates

"Captain is Modric. That's a given. The team: Julio César; Dani Alves, Thiago Silva, Sergio Ramos, Roberto Carlos; Casemiro, Modric, Ozil, Zidane; Cristiano and Neymar.

"I have never actually played alongside Zidane... But, he's my manager so that's ok".


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