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Man City U-19 vs Barcelona U-19 live: UEFA Youth League

Man City U-19 vs Barcelona U-19 live: UEFA Youth League

Follow all the action live from Nyon as we offer live updates of Manchester City versus Barcelona in the UEFA Youth League semi-final.
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Manchester City U-19 vs Barcelona U-19: minute-by-minute

90'+5' It's all over. So close for City. So much credit to them for fighting until the end. The red card ruined them. 

90'+5'   And another corner from the other side now.

90'+5'   Keeper up for the corner. Punched clear and another corner.

90'+4'   Corner for Barca. Wide and City break. They cross and it is headed out. Corner after Garre shoots. This is their last chance, surely?!?!

90'+2'   Ruiz shoots and Grimshaw saves.

90'+2'   Plenty of tactical fouling now. City have one in a decent position. Nmecha on the ground. Matondo with it and loses out. Barca on the break. really open now.

90'+1'   Five minutes of added time.

90'   Looks like City out on their feet here. They need something fast!

90'   Garre wins a free. Interesting to see how much time will be added on.

89'   Free City as Nmecha is pushed in the back. 

89'   Garre with another dangerous run but he gives it away and fouls after that. Barcelona slowing things down now.

88'   City win a throw. 

85' We have a long break now as players falling with cramp.

85'   Just as I said that! Nmecha hits the side of the net and scores after Barcelona made a dreadful mistake- Comas Feixas the player who gave the ball away. Game on!

84'   It looked like City would make a proper go of it at one point in the second half but they couldn't get that fourth despite a couple of half chances. Just five to play now and Barcelona keeping them at bay. 

82'   Collado runs forward as they look to place the final nail in City's coffin and hammer it home. They lose it though. City player down with cramp.

79'   Perez breaks free for his hat-trick and pokes it past Grimshaw. It beats the keeper but not the post. Rebounds out to Grimshaw's waiting arms.

77'   Free to Barcelona. That was sent in and it's nearly headed in by Dele-Bashiru. Latibeaudiere fouled the keeper though.

76'   Free for City. Barca still haven't killed this one off.

76'   Boveda pulled back by Miranda. 

76'   Garre has proven his skills running at defenders! Wins another throw now after a strong dribble up the field. 

74'   Free comes in but Barcelona clear.

74' Boveda hacked down. Marques booked. City with a free in a nice position. If they can manage one more, this is well and truly back on. 

73' Barcelona substitute. Morey replaced by Jaime.

72'   Abel Ruiz strikes but Grimzhsaw saves.

70' GOAL! That will help. Matondo strikes and beats Peña at his near post. Nice strike. A glimmer of hope for City?!

69'   We were always going to be disappointed with this half after the seven goal first half but City just have so much to do and they know it.

67'   Garre runs forward and does really well before his decision-making lets him down. City attack against and Duhaney strikes but Peña saves.

65' Garre replaces Bolton.

64'   Dele Bashiru with a nice touch to buy himself a yard in the penalty area. Strikes and that hits a Barcelona defender straight on the head. City have looked promising when they attack at times but they just have so much to do, every single time, while also keeping an eye on their defence.

62'   Carles Perez lays it off to Ruiz, who is moving out to the left. He has it at a nice angle but strikes wide with his left foot. Decent effort and that one could have really put it to bed.

62'   Strike from City but that's over the bar.

60'   Miranda now as he drives down the left and cuts back. City win it and break. Same result as they move into the attacking third. 

59'   Abel Ruiz cuts inside from the left but gets the ball taken off him. City break and Nmecha looks for a yard to shoot in the penalty area. No, Barcelona defend well and crowd him out. Frustrating so far in this half for the Citizens.

58'   Poveda makes a move forward and lays it off to Dele-Bashiru. Peña saves. Nice strike from the midfielder but needs a better effort to beat the keeper.

56'   City playing a compact style but how long before they start attacking. It can't be long. Barcelona happty to play it around at the back.

53'   Barca comfortable here. City being ran ragged.

52'   Abel Ruiz wins a corner as he tries to come inside from the left.

51'   Cross sent in from the right to Puig but City head it away.

49'   Lukas Nmecha drives forward and tries to get to the ball before Mingueza gets there first.

48'   Barcelona ruled offside.

47'   Free comes in and bounces up into Peña's chest.

46'   Nmecha hauled down outside the box and City have a free. Can they pull one back? 

46'   After a delay, we are back underway for the second half.

A few subs at half-time for City. Matondo replaces Pozo. Think that's it but it looked like more?!

45'+1' Half-time. Barcelona lead 5-2. It was tit for tat for a while but Lorenzo's sending off really hurt City. Barcelona took advantage and score two in about four minutes since the red.

45'+1'   One minute of added time. City struggling now. They couldn't hand on for the break. Barcelona have really kicked on since that sending off.

44'  GOAL! Marquez made the last one and scored the fifth! That should do it. reall poor defending. Latibeaudiere  misjudged it and threw a leg at it but had no chance. It makes its way to Marques and he chips it over Grimshaw.

41' GOAL! Barcelona. Comes in from the left, Grimshaw stops Miranda's shot before Marques pokes it to Perez, who drills it home from point blank range. 

40'   Collado stopped in his tracks and no free. That looked like a certain free but referee says no. City need to hang on until the break now. Barcelona smell blood and that man advantage could cripple City.

39'   Foul on Morey. His ankle was caught out on the right. Free now almost from the corner flag.

38'   An already tough task just got a whole lot more difficult.

36' Lorenzo Gonzalez gets his second yellow. A late tackle on Miranda. Silly chap.

35'   Free now for City. Feixas fouls this time.

34'   City's turn. Nmecha looking dangerous again. Ditto, Gonzalez. he crosses and the captain slide in but can't reach it.

32'   Puig GOAL! 3-2. He's free in the penalty area and ball-watching undoes City. He slots past Grimshaw.

31'   Grimshaw is off his line to clear as Francis gets pushed into him. Nearly a collision but the keeper gets it away! 

30' Waste of a free as that one ends up in the stand.

29'   Free right outside the box. Mingueza booked as Bolton tried to go by the defender and got pulled down. Definitely played the man and not the ball.

28'   Gonzalez ruled offside.

26'   Almost 3-2. Peña with a reflex save. Crossed by Gonzalez and Lukas Nmecha gets a touch on it but the keeper puts it over the bar.

24' Lukas Nmecha scores now with the next attack! He takes it down and slots past Peña More dreadful defending.

22' Collado absolutely buried the free! Drove it low and hard and nobody from City came close to stopping that.

21' Yellow card for the goalscorer, Latibeaudiere, as he takes down Miranda outside the box. 

20'  GOAL! Cross from Pozo and Latibeaudiere absolutely drives a header home.No chance for Peña but dreadful defending.

19'   Poveda feeds one to Lukas Nmecha and Barcelona put it out for a corner.

18'   Puig fouls now as City look to take the game to Barcelona and start to succeed. 

17'   Gonzalez overlaps and he gets it by showing off his speed. Cross comes in and forces a dive and a save from Peña. 

16'   Mingueza with a free after Poveda fouls. City have definitely improved but that final ball hurting them. This time, a pass to Poveda is overhit.

15'   Mingueza gives away the free and City looking better recently. Ball fed to Nmecha, the captain, and he can't do anything with it as it rolls out over the endline. Mingueza guiding it out.

14'   Lukas Nmecha swings a cross in from the right. It was well worked by City. It ends up on the other side of the field and that's out for a goal-kick.

13'   Abel Ruiz on the break but he runs the ball over the sideline. Throw for City and a brief respite. 

11'   BArca on the attack again. Collado chips one into the box but City get it away. City struggling to get up to speed of this one.

10'   GOAL! Barcelona take the lead. Perez slots past Grimshaw. He broke free down the right and hit it right past the keeper, who couldn't get his feet out from under him.

8'   Gonzalez blown for a foul. He dropped his shoulder and used his strength to get by Collado. Replay shows he did use his arm but very harsh.

7'   City being pushed back now and launching clear. 

6'   Much better corner this time. Headed out from the six yard box though. Barcelona win possession back.

5'   Abel Ruiz meets the corner at the front post and it's blocked out for another corner.

4'   Cross comes in low from the left. Collado wins the rebound and Latibeaudiere takes a shot to the head. Corner. 

4'   Barcelona press high up the field and win it back. Perez can't control the pass and City regain possession. .

3'   Man City with the ball on the left and win a throw. Poveda takes. 

3'   Barcelona's centre-halves exchange passes and it it sent long to Mendez. He wins it down the left channel and plays it back. Barca winning the possession stakes thus far.

Two sides looking to impress their style on the game so far. Patient, possession-based.

1' We are underway! Who will face Chelsea in the final? We're about to find out.

Massive crowd too. Both sides have travelled. Looks like a good few English and Spanish fans have made a holiday out of it!

A wonderful day in Nyon. City in their sky blue shirts and Barcelona wearing their maroon coloured shirt. They are posing together now with an #EqualGame banner. 

This should be an interesting tactical battle. Barcelona should line up in their fabled 4-3-3 while it looks like City will play in a 3-4-2-1 style formation. 

Here are eight players to watch in the UEFa Youth League. We understand that Diaz and Foden can't play, which is a really strange one.

Aliyar Aghayev is the referee for today's game and it's 24 degrees in Nyon. Ideal.

Barcelona arriving to the stadium. 

Barcelona: Peña, Mingueza, Orellana, Ruiz, Collado, Perez, Comas, Puig, Marques, Miranda, Morey.

Manchester City XI: Grimshaw, Martret, Latibeaudiere, Francis, Pozo, Dele-Bashiru, Gonzalez, Nmecha, L. Nmecha, Poveda, Bolton.

Hello and welcome to our live feed of Manchester City U-19 versus Barcelona U-19 in the semi-final of the UEFA Youth League from Nyon. Kick-off from Switzerland is at 17:00.

Manchester City U-19 vs Barcelona U-19: preview

Colovray Stadium in Nyon is the venue for two of Europe's most interesting footballing clubs as they play in the semi-final of the UEFA Youth League. The tournament, in its fifth year has seen Barcelona, Chelsea (2), Benfica and Salzburg most recently win it. Chelsea beat Porto in the other semi-final on penalties and City and Barca will do battle to join tem in the final.

Matt Smith is suspended for the English side and Phil Foden and Brahim Diaz, two bright young talents, can't play having made three appearances in the Champions League this season.

Meanwhile, Barcelona, who beat Atlético Madrid in their quarter-final, will be relying on Abel Ruiz up front to inspire them to victory.