Real Madrid begin process of renewing Cristiano Ronaldo's contract

José Ángel Sánchez has informed Cristiano that the club plans to reward him for his performances with a pay rise before the World Cup finals.
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Cristiano celebra el gol ante la Juve que dio el pase a semifinales de Champions.
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Just a few months ago, Cristiano's future looked to be somewhere further afield - far from Madrid; but the situation has changed completely over the past week. Real Madrid have told Cristiano that they plan to review and improve his contract and honour the promise which Florentino Pérez made after the Champions League final in Cardiff. General Director José Ángel Sánchez has informed Cristiano of the club's plan to reward him for his efforts with a pay rise.

New deal to be struck before the World Cup

For now, the details of exactly how much Cristiano will see his salary increased have not been discussed but the player is believed to view the proposal positively. The idea is to have the new contract in place and signed off before the World Cup finals in Russia.

Handsome pay rise

Sources close to Real Madrid estimate that Cristiano could go from earning 21 million euros net to a figure of around 30 million plus a further two million in add-ons. It would place him closer to the 35 million euro salary which Neymar earns at PSG - of which seven million are in bonuses. But he would still be a way off matching the 45 million euro salary which Messi takes home. The duration of Cristiano's new contract won't be changed and will continue, as before, until June 2021.