Real Madrid fans choose their starting XI for Bayern clash


Real Madrid fans choose their starting XI for Bayern clash

Real Madrid fans choose their starting XI for Bayern clash



Over 30,000 supporters voted for their preferred team to take to the field against Bayern Munich in the Allianz Arena. Will Zidane agree on the night?

An survey gave supporters of Real Madrid the chance to put forward their choice for the starting team to play in tonight's Champions League semi-final first leg against Bayern Munich. The result was the Cardiff final team...minus Karim Benzema.

Almost unanimous choices

Eight players appear to be indisputable in the eleven that the supporters want to call upon for tonight at the Allianz Arena. Carvajal, Ramos, Cristiano, Varane, Marcelo, Keylor Navas, Modric and Kross took more than 94% of the 30,780 internet users who participated in the poll.

No Bale or Benzema

Results of the Real Madrid XI fan poll

Player Votes % of voters
Carvajal 30.088 97,75%
Ramos 30.012 97,50%
Cristiano 29.990 97,43%
Varane 29.761 96,69%
Marcelo 29.684 96,44%
Keylor 29.507 95,86%
Modric 29.339 95,32%
Kroos 28.939 94,02%
Casemiro 26.405 85,79%
Isco 25.185 81,82%
Asensio 18.333 59,56%
Lucas V. 12.596 40,92%
Benzema 5.816 18,90%
Bale 3.872 12,58%
Kovacic 1.916 6,22%
Vallejo 1.527 4,96%
Theo 1.060 3,44%
Ceballos 958 3,11%
Mayoral 785 2,55%
Luca Zidane 773 2,51%
M. Llorente 765 2,49%
Achraf 745 2,42%
Casilla 524 1,70%

Results taken at 12:30 CEST with 30,780 participants.

The other three were less clear but Casemiro (85.79%), Isco (81.82%) and Marco Asensio (59.56%) were selected by the combined fan committee to complete Zinedine Zidane's starters. Just missing out was Lucas Vázquez who received 40.92% of the vote and joining him on the bench were Benzema, Bale, Kovacic, Vallejo, Theo Hernández and Luca Zidane, all of whom received less than 20% support.

You can see exactly what Zidane chooses to do when he announces his line-up later today and we'll bring it to you as it happens.


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