Ronaldo talks Bernabéu, Zidane, Cristiano, Iniesta...


Ronaldo talks Bernabéu, Zidane, Cristiano, Iniesta...

Ronaldo talks Bernabéu, Zidane, Cristiano, Iniesta...



The former Real Madrid star spoke on El Larguero ahead of the Champions League semi-final against Bayern which he believes is a dangerous match.

Brazilian legend Ronaldo appeared on Spanish programme El Larguero on the eve of the Real Madrid-Bayern Munich Champions League clash and gave his thoughts on a variety of related topics.

Ronaldo on: going to the game

"I'll not be going to the Bernabéu because it would make me really nervous...also Florentino [Pérez] puts the heating up very high!

"I want to watch the game at home so that I can control myself better. Bayern are a great team, the tie is not over. Any of their players can hurt Real Madrid, it's going to be a very difficult game."

Sergio Ramos looking relaxed in the pre-match press conference.

Ronaldo on: Bayern Munich

"The history between Real Madrid and Bayern is a long one; they are very special encounters and tomorrow [Tuesday] will be one too because we are looking for a third Champions League in three years, something we are unlikely to see again soon."

Ronaldo on: Real Madrid

"I am delighted to carry the name of Real Madrid around the world. I had a phenomenal time in Madrid and I still love the club. This year I've been in Australia working on a project with Real Madrid and it has been an exciting journey."

Ronaldo on: Zidane

"I am, and have been, a huge admirer of Zidane. I'm very happy because I've been following him for a long time, even when he was at Castilla [Madrid youth side] I visited him. His career has started and is going very well, he deserves every minute of what he is doing."

Training | Zidane enjoying final preparations with his squad.

Ronaldo on: Cristiano-Messi

"Each year one is a little bit better than the other; they are both spectacular".

Ronaldo on: Iniesta

"He deserved the Ballon d'Or but I don't think he needs it. I sent him a message on Instagram congratulating him on his career. He'll go down as the best Spanish player in history - I don't remember seeing another Spanish player with so much quality, with so many attributes... That's why many people love him."


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