Santillana and Pirri: "Madrid need to be careful against Liverpool"


Santillana and Pirri: "Madrid need to be careful against Liverpool"

Santillana and Pirri: "Madrid need to be careful against Liverpool"



The two legendary Real Madrid players spoke about the Champions League final at the III AS Golf Championship.

Carlos Santillana and José Martínez Sánchez 'Pirri' were involved in this week's III AS Golf Championship and the two former Real Madrid players took time out to give their thoughts on their team's chances in the Champions League final in Kiev. Santillana, who was in the Madrid which lost the 1981 final to Liverpool in Paris, and Pirri agreed that which Real Madrid might be favourites "on paper", they will need to be extra careful against Klopp's Liverpool - no other team has ever scored as many goals as the Reds at this stage of the competition...

Former Real Madrid players who faced Liverpool in the 1981 European Cup final posing outside Casa Juan in Madrid.

Pirri urges caution against "dangerous" Liverpool

"On paper it might seem that Madrid are the favourites as they've already eliminated some very difficult rivals like Juve, Bayern, PSG... but they will need to be very careful, but over one game Liverpool can be very dangerous", said Pirri. "But I have faith that Madrid can make it 12+1 in the European Cup".

Santillana, one of the greatest headers of the ball to have donned the white shirt, added: "Under normal circumstances, Madrid could be considered the stronger team but you have to play finals to be able to win them. It's very important for the club that the team is crowned champions of Europe this season - for the prestige and importance than comes with winning the top club competition".


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