Levante fan promises to stop masturbating if team beat Barça

Viral challenge

Levante fan promises to stop masturbating if team beat Barça

Levante fan promises to stop masturbating if team beat Barça

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When a fan took to social media to give up a favourite hobby of his if his plucky side could overcome LaLiga double winners, comedy was always a likely outcome.

A supporter of LaLiga club Levante didn't have much confidence in his side overcoming league and cup champions Barcelona in the penultimate match of the season. His lack of faith led him to challenge his heroes via Twitter to beat Iniesta, Coutinho, Dembele and co. promising that if they did he would abstain from what appeared to be a popular hobby of his: masturbation.

"If we beat Barça (complicated) I will stop masturbating (EVEN more complicated) for as many days as this tweet is favourited," read the tweet. 

An unexpected climax

The post detailed the length of his abstinence, with followers having a direct influence over how messy, or otherwise, it was going to get. He would refrain from the act for as many days as there were favourites to the tweet in question.

As we now now, in an incredible match, Paco Lopez's form side took a 5-1 lead only to be pegged back to 5-4 with around 20 minutes remaining for Valverde's then-unbeaten team to equalise. They didn't, and Levante held on for an impressive victory. Their unbelieving fan's celebration may have been limper than usual as he watched the heart symbol on his posted message multiply into the hundreds and then thousands (as of midday on Tuesday it sat at over 18,000 which equates to more than 49 years).

He even tried to retract the promise during the goal flurry for the home side, at times taking to insulting his own players, one example being: "Boateng, you wanker!"

After the final whistle blew Twitter users continued to share and get involved in the mirth of the original claim.


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