Real Madrid vs Liverpool ticket resale prices "ridiculous"

Champions League Final 2018

Real Madrid vs Liverpool ticket resale prices "ridiculous"

Vista exterior del Estadio Olímpico de Kiev, sede de la final de la Champions League 2018 que disputarán Real Madrid y Liverpool.



With travel costs and the difficulties of making the trip to Kiev causing match ticket owners to put them back up for sale, prices have gone through the roof.

While in Spain some Real Madrid season ticket holders fortunate enough to find accomodation in Kiev have had to forego their match ticket because of the excessive cost and hassle involved in the journey to the Ukraine, in Liverpool the fever for the Champions League final has triggered an incredible run on resale values.

Real Madrid vs Liverpool: extortionate ticket resales

According to media outlets in the UK, the cheapest ticket (Category 3, face value 160 euros) has been picked up by Liverpool fans for as much as 1,181 pounds (about 1,350 euros). This transaction was authorised over specialist website Ticketbis. Category 2 tickets (face value 320 euros), meanwhile, have been put up for sale at 15,000 pounds (about 17,000 euros) and for VIP seating fans with deep pockets have been asked to fork out 20,000 pounds (22,800 euros).

Champions League Final is all around | Kiev streets

The Anfield club has warned its fans not to buy tickets from anywhere other than official channels and fans have condemned the extortionate resale business.

"The situation is ridiculous. A lot of people who don't support either club will end up with tickets and look at it as an opportunity to make money" complained a Liverpool fan speaking to the BBC.

"Ridiculous" ticket prices

In StubHub, the sister site of Ticketbis in Spain, tickets for Categories 2 and 3 in the area of the stadium destined for Real Madrid supporters were sold on Tuesday morning for amounts ranging between 500 and 800 euros. On the sides of the pitch, which are deemed neutral zones, the price of tickets range from 1,170 to 11,000 euros while VIPs have a 3,000 to an eye-watering 28,000 variation.

Liverpool sold out their 16,626 allocation tickets for the Uefa final on Saturday in a stadium that holds 63,000.


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