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Cristiano: "I would have preferred Manchester United in the final"


Cristiano: "I would have preferred Manchester United in the final"

Cristiano: "I would have preferred Manchester United in the final"

Juan Carlos Hidalgo


The Real Madrid forward spoke to reporters and warned that Liverpool should not be underestimated: "They remind me of Madrid three or four years ago."

Cristiano Ronaldo spoke to the press at Real Madrid’s Open Media Day ahead of the Champions League final in Kiev, and while he said winning a fifth Champions League title would be “amazing,” he warned against complacency when facing Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool on Saturday, where victory would put Real on a par with the Ajax and Bayern Munich sides that won the competition on three consecutive occasions.

Fifth Champions League: “It would be an historic moment. We are excited as a team. You can see it around the training ground: we’re not conscious of how historic it would be because everybody is completely focused on the game. But, afterwards, if everything goes well, we will enter into the history books. I’m confident, I’m feeling fit and I can see my teammates are all geared up. If I win a fifth it would be amazing.”

Key moments: “The Champions League is a special competition. I love playing in Europe. We have been through some fantastic moments, these are always amazing games. PSG, Juventus… you have to play against the best teams. Of course I know you want me to say the overhead kick, but at this club we are always involved in special moments. It was the same last year, when I scored a hat-trick… something always happens in this competition. There was the overhead kick against Juventus but let’s not forget I scored in every group stage game…”

Ronaldo: "Liverpool are powerful in attack... but Madrid are better"

Motivation: “You always have to be motivated. You can’t relax at this club, particularly in this competition. The Champions League has been synonymous with Real Madrid since Gento and Di Stéfano. We sense it as players and the fans do as well. I want to well on Saturday, to help the team, play well and hopefully score goals. But the most important thing it so win and go down in history.”

Is it special to play Liverpool after your Manchester United career? “Finals are always special occasions: I would have preferred it to be Manchester United. But Liverpool deserve respect. We’re not going to have it easy. They deserve to be in the final. They remind me of Madrid three or four years ago. Their three front players, they’re very quick… they are powerful in attack and I respect them. But Madrid are better. We have to play to our level, but we also have to respect the opposition.”

Message to the fans: “That they should be positive, support the team as they have supported us up to here and we will do everything we can to win.”



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