Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo talks about Neymar Jr links


Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo talks about Neymar Jr links

Los Blancos' number seven was questioned about the affection shown to him by the club, who he'd like to play with in the final and his thoughts on winning the Ballon d'Or 2018.

Cristiano Ronaldo spoke to Spanish programme El Chiringuito de Jugones during Real Madrid's Media Day and was asked by host Josep Pedrerol about his club's reported interest in signing PSG's Neymar Jr.

Cristiano on Neymar links to Real Madrid

"A Cristiano-Neymar partnership would work well, right?" the journalist proposed.

The Portuguese superstar smiled as he replied: "There is always talk about players here... I've been here for eight years now and there is always talk about 50 players who are going to come, and in the end none of them do. The best players are at Real Madrid: Bale, Benzema, Asensio... They are all here."

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The striker has a very clear focus on this weekend's Champions League final and was giving away nothing regarding his own future:

"The future is in Saturday's game: we have to play, win and enter the history books. This is the most important thing. The future is the present, and the present is now"

Retirement and affection at Madrid

Los Blancos' number seven also spoke about the inevitable conclusion to his time at the Madrid club:

"I already said I'm going to retire at the age of 41. Biologically I'm only 23 years old."

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When quizzed about the love that at times seemed to have been lacking from the club, Ronaldo was open about the situation, including the relationship with the president:

"I have never said that I did not have their affection. I feel that the players have a great fondness for me. There are things that you can control and others that you can't. I feel the affection of my teammates because they know who I am.

"Florentino [Pérez] is affectionate towards me and others, I can also be more flexible and affectionate. I don't have to be the president's best friend. He treats me well."

Regarding which team leads world football, Cristiano had no doubts: "I still think Madrid is the best club in the world."

Bale, Benzema or Asensio?

In terms of the specifics of Saturday's hotly-anticipated final against Liverpool, the forward would not be drawn on who he'd prefer to accompany him in the front line, with discussions ongoing about Bale, Benzema or Asensio:

"That is one for Zidane. No matter who plays, he will do well."

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Closing off the first part of the interview, the topic of the Ballon d'Or was raised, Cristiano having caught the attention since his incredible improvement in form since the turn of the year. His answer was simple and clear: "It's very early."


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