Why Real Madrid won't get to keep Champions League trophy if they win it for third time in a row


Why Real Madrid won't get to keep Champions League trophy if they win it for third time in a row

El trofeo de campeón de la UEFA Champions League.



The rule was changed in 2009 to say that the Champions League does not get to be kept by a team that wins it three times in a row or five times overall.

Real Madrid can win their third Champions League title in a row on Saturday night in Kiev. If they beat Liverpool in the final, it will be the first time since Bayern Munich achieved the feat back in 1976 but unlike in other competitions, los Blancos won't get to keep the trophy.

To find the reason why, you have to look at the rulebook and flick to article 11.1, which states UEFA keep the trophy for all official ceremonies and other events approved by the federation but the successful team get a full-sizes replica. The same stands for the Europa League, the Euros and the World Cup.

It was agreed that between 1969 and 2009, regardless of winning it five times in total or three in a row, the club don't get to keep the original.

Real Madrid have one original trophy in their cabinet, which they got to keep in 1967 after their sixth win. Ajax (1973), Bayern (1976), Milan (1994) and Liverpool (2005) all qualified to keep the original but the rule had been passed to prevent clubs from keeping it.

In its place, UEFA give clubs that are successful on five occasions in the competition a patch to show off their achievement. At the moment, Real Madrid (12), Milan (7) and Barcelona, Bayern and Liverpool (5) all display one of these badges.

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Table PTS W D L
1Tottenham 16 5 1 0
2Real Madrid 13 4 1 1
3B. Dortmund 2 0 2 4
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*Update 23 de mayo de 2018

Marcelo luce en la manga el parche de honor de la UEFA que acredita al Real Madrid como campeón de 12 Copas de Europa.


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