Egyptian lawyer files €1bn lawsuit against Ramos over Salah injury


Egyptian lawyer files €1bn lawsuit against Ramos over Salah injury

Salah con Ramos.



The Egyptian lawyer, Bassem Wahba, has filed the lawsuit for "pyshical and psychological damages" suffered to Salah and the Egyptian people.

Mohamed Salah was forced off after 31 minutes of the Champions League final on Saturday night following a tussle with Sergio Ramos. It is not yet known if the Egyptian will return in time for the World Cup  as he travels to Spain to rehab his shoulder and an Egyptian lawyer has taken measures into his own hands by filing a lawsuit for the pain of potentially losing their star player.

According to the Independent, an Egyptian lawyer named Basssem Wahba has open a case against Sergio Ramos and is seeking €1 billion for "pyshical and psychological damage".

€1 billion lawsuit against Ramos for damages

"Ramos intentionally injured Salah and he must be punished for it," he said. "I filed a complaint with FIFA," he told the English publication. "I will ask for compensation, that could excede €1 billion for the physical and psychological damages to Salah and the Egyptian people," he said.

In the event that he is successful, he said he will donate the money to the Long Live Egypt foundation in Salah's native country.


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