Griezmann’s The Decision: how it unfolded live on our Twitter

The complete running Twitter commentary of the Atleti striker’s TV programme covering his decision to stay at Atleti or go to Barcelona.

Griezmann The Decision live

On Thursday night Griezmann’s made for TV movie “The Decision” was broadcast, covering the end of the recent season and his tortured decision to either stay at Atlético Madrid or move to Barcelona.

Our community manager was keeping tabs on the programme, in addition to all the other bits and bobs going on with the World Cup, but ended up actually live tweeting most of it, which got something of a reaction from our audience. As our CM wasn't expecting to tweet the whole thing, they didn’t set it up as a thread, so here are all the tweets in order, to make it easier to read. Remember these are the reactions in real time...

Griezmann's The Decision live on Twitter

The coverage started with the news that Griezmann had just sent the video to the TV company, and from the tone it’s fairly clear our CM was less than impressed by the whole thing.

The programme then started and, well, you can see how the tweets went…

Here's a screen grab of Griezmann musing:

Griezmann... deciding

The big day comes:

Clearly  that should have read "This bit is quite emotional", not 'this beat'. Which makes no sense. (Though some of the music in the programme was pretty good).

And that was that! Griezmann staying. We had to miss out a couple of tweets as there's a limit to how many can go in one single web article on our content manager. And this one, right after he said he was staying. Hope you enjoyed the thread.