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World Cup 2018

Senegal 0-1 Colombia: World Cup 2018 Group H, game 3

Senegal 0-1 Colombia: World Cup 2018 Group H, game 3

Simon Hofmann - FIFA

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A Yerry Mina header in the second half was enough to see Colombia through to the last 16 as Group H leaders as Senegal crash out of the World Cup.
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Senegal 0-1 Colombia: match report

Colombia started the day sitting third in Group H but by the time referee Milorad Mazic blew the final whistle at Samara Arena, they were sitting above all of their rivals and on top of the world. The unlikely set of events that saw them finish at the top of their group did not occur without controversy though.

In the opening half, Senegal looked like they had a penalty and a chance to consolidate their early dominance. Sadio Mane was pulled down by Davinson Sanchez and the referee pointed to the spot. After a quick VAR review, however, the referee admitted his flaw and changed his mind.

James Rodriguez was subbed off in the first half too to compound Colombia's struggles. The quartet in attack of James, Falcao, Cuadrado and Quintero couldn't get into the game and Colombia were suffering because of it.

In the second half, it was all Senegal too despite los cafeteros increasing the intensity. The more desperate they became, they more wild their attacking looked. Meanwhile, Senegal were looking more dangerous on the counter and had their destiny in their own hands. 

Elsewhere, however, Poland took the lead against Japan and everything was thrown up into the air. Senegal were now top and Colombia second. That was before Yerry Mina rose to meet a corner as he drove it home. Colombia were now going through as group leaders and Senegal were going home given their yellow card count - they had six and Japan had four. 

They did huff and they did puff as the clock wound down but it was to no avail. The tables had turned and so had the momentum and they had no way of reversing it. They launched ball after ball into the box but they were rejected at every cross.

As it ended, video footage beamed in of Japan watching the last couple of seconds after their game had finished. In the end, it will be Colombia and Japan who continue in the competition and Senegal, who were possibly most likely to go through at the start of the day, are out after a hectic last 15 minutes at Samara Arena.

Senegal vs Colombia live online: as it happened

90'+4' That's it. Colombis finish at the top of their group and Senegal are out. Japan are through as the second side.

90'+3'   Cisse and every Senegalese man, woman and child around the world urges him to kick the ball out! He does eventually. 

90'+3'   Ospina with the ball and he is really slow here.

90'+3'   Muriel wins the ball but he's offside.

90'+3'   Senegal with a chance but Sane falls at the wrong time and Colombia attack.

90'+2'   Ball sent down the field and Colombia win the goal kick. The referee tells Ospina to hurry up!

90'+1'   Four minutes of added time. 

90'+1'   Long ball down the field and Senegal head it out for a throw.

90'   Senegal finding it harder and harder to get the ball into the box. Colombia win a throw.

89' Falcao being replaced now by Borja.

88'   Senegal getting desperate as Cuadrado is fouled. He just protected the ball and got bundled over.

87'   Launched into the box by Senegal. Headed out and Colombia break. They lose it and Senegal clear.

86' Nianh jogs off now for Sakho. Senegal with one last throw of the dice.

84'   Free for Colombia. Yerry Mina jumps for the ball and the Senegal player beneath him turns him upside down.

84'   Muriel making an absolutely nuisance of himself as he chases down a lost cause of a pass. He loses it and jumps at the ball but handles it as it's cleared. Will take another few second off the clock in any case.

83'   Jefferson Lerma off now for Uribe.

82'   Konate fed the ball through Mane, who looks exhausted after his involvement over the last few minutes. He is offside and Ospina grabs it anyway.

81'   Two teams going hell for leather now. Mane dispossessed at the fifth time of asking. Senegal win it and it goes back out to him. Another tackle on him and he hits the ground. No free! Senegal trying everything now for that goal.

80' Balde is being replaced by Konate.

80'   Ismaila with a shot at the back post. It falls just lovely to him and he drives it over the bar.

79'   So, Senegal need a goal to avoid going out! This is incredible.

78'   Ball into the box and Ospina grabs it. Wague the man following that one in.

76'   Niang takes a shot that Ospina saves.

76'   Senegal moving forward now and they're the side who need a goal to finish top!

76'   As it stands, Japan, who were top of the group just minutes ago, are going out of the World Cup! 

73'   Colombia take the lead! The corner comes in and it's headed to the back of the net by Yerry Mina.

73'   Muriel to Falcao and out to Uribe. He plays it to Cuadrado and he is stood up by a couple of Senegal defenders. It's a corner as they kick the ball out.

72'   Colombia moving forward again in search of that first goal. 

71'   Injury to Sabaly as he is helped off the field. He has an issue with his arm, it looks like.

69'   Salif Sane tries to clear a cross and it slices off his leg and it's grabbed by N'Diaye.

67'   N'Diaye races out of his goals and gets the ball before Muriel. The Sevilla striker is still on the ground and grabbing his chest. He took a fairly heavy fall but it was fair. Some very sharp skills from the keeper to come off his line in time. 

66'   Corner comes in and Falcao heads it just wide.

65'   The ball is whipped in and it falls to Muriel. He catches that really well and it's out for a corner. That might have been heading for the back of the net! 

64'   Cuadrado fouled out on the right-hand side. He wants a card, or he wants something. He gets the free which is as good as the referee can do. Tame foul really.

63'   Sadio Mane slips as he takes the free. Poor luck but Colombia happy to wave that one off!

62'   Carlos Sanchez with a foul on Sadio Mane. A fairly clear push in the back and this is dangerous now for Colombia. 

61'   Cross from the right and Falcao headers the ball back into the danger zone. N'Diaye is comfortable with that one despite Muriel trying to make a nuisance of himself.

61'   Colombia obviously haven't gotten word yet. They're really pushing forward now. 

60'   Poland have just taken the lead against Japan and that changes everything here. A draw here will see Senegal finish first and Colombia finish second.

58'   Colombia continues to kick the ball up the field and get nothing in return. Senegal clear and counter again. Balde pulled down by Arias as Colombia grow more desperate and equally frustrated.

56'   Pekerman must be thinking of a change.

56'   Falcao chests a ball down that comes straight to him. He tries to break through but Senegal recover. Falcao has been starved of the ball so far. 

56'   Ball sent in from the right and Mane's on the ground in the box but it looks like he slipped.

55'   Mojica races down the left and tries to get on the end of a pass. Senegal recover. This one is heating up. Colombia improving. Another cross and it's cleared and he's on the ball again but he loses out. Senegal counter.

53'   The play continues and Colombia try to attack. They get turned over and the ball is cleared. The referee stops play to see if Ismaila is okay.

53'   Carlos Sanchez catches Ismaila as he races by him. No foul. How is that not a free? 

53'   Uribe with a high, searching pass over the top. Colombia improving but still no breakthrough.

53'   Falcao turned upside down as he recieves the ball. 

52'   Senegal with a chance to counter. Mane plays a really smart ball to Sarr but he's offside. The more Colombia chase this game, the more chance Senegal have to counter and that was almost really nice. Sarr had drifted offside though.

51'   Yerry Mina fouled. Niang catches him with a stud in the hip as he heads the ball.

49'   Yerry Mina with a really poor touch that gets him in a spot of bother. He passes to a teammate on the sideline but it's out for a throw.

48'   They try to play the ball up the field through the center and Senegal clear. Niang in chase but Colombia recover and try to push forward. 

48'   Colombia seem to have started this half with more intensity.

46'   Luis Muriel looked to be fouled but he also might have been just looking for the free. He hits the ground after some strong defending. No free.

46'   We are back underway at Samara Arena. No changes at the break for either side.

As it stands, Japan and Senegal are going through first and second in the group. Colombia need a goal and Japan are delighted with their position.

45'+3'  Half-time. Disappoint half really in the end. That was compounded by James Rodriguez' injury.

45'+3'   Launched into the penalty area and it's cleared by Senegal. They race clear but they can't do anything to prevent it going out for a throw. 

45'+3'   Colombia down the right-hand side and Cuadrado wins a throw.

45'+1'   Three minutes of added time. Colombia really missing James' influence. Senegal on the attack again.

45'   Mojica hauls down Sarr and gets his name in the referee's little black book. Not a bad foul but just slightly aggressive and clumsy.

44'   A lovely little fake there from Sanchez and he sells the attacker the dummy. He drives forward and looks for the pass inside. Colombia can't do anything with it and it's back to Ospina.

43'   Cuadrado fouled out on the sideline. Nothing reallu in that out on the sideline. And, in fact, the referee doesn't give the free. He awards Colombia a through though as they hold the ball as half-time approaches. 

42'   Colombia with a rare attack. Falcao loses it and then has a bit of a kick at Gassama. He has a look at the ground and pretends he slipped but he might have been just doing that to avoid a more stern talking-to. Colombia struggling here.

41'   Through ball from Senegal and Ospina out to gather.

40'   Mojica down injured. It was a non-contact injury and looked quite bad but I think he's okay now. Strange one.

38'   Injury for Mojica now. Sadio Mane takes the ball into the penalty area but he can't control the ball or save it from going out over the endine.

38'   Salif Sane gets the ball and shoots. It was rolled to him by a teammate from the free. He drives that a mile over the bar.

37'   Carlos Sanchez with a foul on Mane. Mane being chased by several players and he gets a little nudge in the back. Nice position to shoot.

36'   Ball sent in and N'Diaye gathers it at the second time of asking. A nervous moment there for the keeper. Although he always looked in control.

35'   Senegal are very physical and they concede another free. Quintero way out the field but he is ready to send this towards the penalty area. 

32'   Arias pushed in the back. Sadio Mane pushes in the back as he tries to get on the end of a ball in behind the back.

31'   He's really upset as he punches the ground. This is really sad to see for a man who loves the World Cup.

31' James replaced by Muriel.

30'   James really hasn't been involved and obviously struggling with that knock he took.

29'   It looks like James Rodriguez can't continue. Luis Muriel about to come on.

28'   Senegal with another effort. Sarr is the shooter and Ospina thankful for that one too.

27'   Mane races clear. His cross is blocked and it falls to Balde. He curls one but he curls it into Ospina's waiting arms.

26'   Davinson Sanchez versus Sadio Mane is a really good battle. Mane wins a throw for his side this time. He loses it as he tries to dribble by a couple of players but Senegal win it back.

25'   A beautiful delivery, yes it was beautiful, into Falcao. He was offside anyway but he couldn't get over the ball and he heads it over the bar.

24'   Colombia get to grips with this one again. James and Falcao have barely been a factor so far. Quintero is fouled by Gueye and the Colombian rolls on the ground. He didn't catch him but the ref has a talking to him anyway.

22'   Senegal the ones improving here. Koulibaly with the pass forward after racing out from the back. The ball is cleared and Senegal win it again. All happening around the middle of the field but no chances for Senegal yet. Ball just outside the box and Sabaly drives the cross over the top and wide. Way too much hot sauce on that one! A few deliveries from Senegal overhit today already.

20'   Senegal are given a free out the field and Niang whips it in. Another poor delivery as Ospina grabs it.

20'   VAR getting lots of love on social media for that decision. 

17'   The referee says he got the ball. Sanchez delighted but has a word with the ref about something. The referee gives the goalkeeper the ball an we are ready to start again. 

17'   No penalty. Sanchez got the ball.

17'   Penalty for Senagal! Sanchez slides in on Mane and takes the Liverpool attacker down. WE HAVE VAR!

15'   Sabaly goes straight through Cuadrado as if he wasn't there. Foul and they seem to be really having a go at the Juventus winger. That's three or four fouls on him already.

15'   Senegal back on the ball after a decent spell from Colombia. Mina fouls Niang and the ref plays advantage. The ball makes its way into the box but it all gets very claustrophobic in there and Ospina kicks the ball out the field.

13'   The corner comes in and Cuadrado gets hit on top of the head. No penalty and no real calls for one. It's cleared.

12'   Falcao clobbered by two Senegalese defenders. He was hit by one and sandwiched then by the other. Could have hurt the striker but he gets a free to make up for it. A goal here would certainly help to ease the pain. Quintero strikes with his left. It's a bouncer in front of N'Diaye and he punches out for a corner.

11'   Davinson Sanchez strong in the tackle and he wins it back. Ball to Cuadrado and he wiggles his hips to go by Balde and he is fouled. 

10'   Colombia with a move forward now as Quintero drives forward. Ball is passed around before finding its way to Rayo Vallecano's Johan Mojica. He crosses and N'Diaye saves in goals as it dribbles towards him.

8'   Poor delivery as Ospina gets some catching practice in.

7'   Kouyate to take.

7'   Arias jumps in on Balde and he wins a free. It's out on the left and Senegal organise themselves to be ready for the delivery in the penalty area. 

7'   Really subdued start from both sides. Compared to the start against Poland, this was also going to disappoint, but Colombia and Senegal just exchanging possession here very tamely.

5'   He went down grabbing his head which might have been an exaggeration but it looked like he was fouled. Anyway, the game continues and Clombia are back on the ball. James Rodriguez is limping and doesn't look comfortable. He grimaces and then tries to run off whatever sort of a knock he picked up.

5'   They're looking for a way through Senegal's midfield. They are sitting and are very disciplined. They win it back and Ismaila Sarr takes off down the right. He gets thrown to the ground and doesn't get a free. Colombia counter.

4'   Colombia with their first spell of controlled possession. They build from th back. Ospina to Mina and to then Cuadrado. 

3'   Kouyate in over the top of Falcao and concedes the free. He takes a teammate down with him too.

2'   Mane and Falcao gets tangled up and the Liverpool player ends up on the ground. Senegal win it back though and it's another long ball down into that right-back spot of Colombia. And it's the same result as it skids off the ground and out for an Ospina restart.

2'   Another long, diagonal ball down to Balde and he heads it out of play. Cuadrado back minding the house and is happy to see it out for a goal-kick for Ospina.

1'   Nigeria, literally, get the ball rolling. They're playing from right to left and the first ball into attack is a long one. Colombia don't deal with it and the shot comes in from a loose ball. Ends up in the stands with the revellers.

    Radamel Falcao and Cheikhou Kouyate up for the coin toss.

    Task number one is stopping Colombia but let's see how they attack this one: 

    And now the Colombian anthem. 

    Senegal's national anthem played as Joe Pekerman and Aliou Cisse exchange pleasentaries.

    The teams are in the tunnel and ready to emerge onto the turf at Samara Arena arena. Both teams with their destinies in their own hands. It'll be interesting to see what approach Senegal take. Will they try to close things down and stunt Colombia's attack early? This game has the potential to be one of the best at the World Cup so far.

    Meanwhile, Senegal replace Wague at right-back with Gassama. Keita Balde comes in for and so does Cheikhour Kouyate for Alfred N'Diaye in midfield. 

    Colombia's back five remain in tact. Carlos Sanchez' return to contention has uprooted Wilmar Barrios and Juan Uribe has replaced Abel Aguilar, who was injured in the first half of the Poland game. Aside from that, the Fab Four of James, Cuadrado, Quintero and Falcao remain Colombia's most important line.

    Senegal XI: Ndiaye, Koulibaly, Gana, Sane, Kouyate, Mane, Sabaly, Ismaila, Niang, Balde, Gassama.

    Colombia XI: Ospina, Arias, Carlos Sanchez, Falcao, James, Cuadrado, Mina, Uribe, Mojica, Quintero, Davinson Sanchez.

    After the victory over Poland, Pekerman said, "The team played as a unit and the football emerged from this unity. It led to the goals and now we have a good position in this World Cup."

    Carlos Sanchez is back after being sent off in the first game against Japan. He was racially abused after that sending off and Jose Pekerman dedicated Colombia's win over Poland to the midfielder.

We have 116 goals scored in the World Cup so far. We are also averaging over 2.5 goals per game. Colombia found their groove in the last game against Poland and we could be in for another goal fest against another really exciting game this afternoon. James will start in his 64th appearance for Colombia and you think that just maybe his involvement might have something to do with their upturn in fortune!

Get to know your Senegalese footballers with Getty's World Cup photos of the squad.

...if you don't know much about Quintero, have a read of this extensive background on the player 

As some of you may remember, it was James Rodríguez who lit up the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. That led to Florentino Pérez snapping him up for Real Madrid. Recent reports have suggested we may see a similar move for one of the coffee growers' other midfielders, Juan Fernando Quintero.

With the last 16 fixtures almost complete - and therefore the subsequent potential clashes known - we already know that there will be a less-than-familiar name or two in the latter stages. 

If you're looking for a guide to how and where you can connect with the quartet of matches today, allow us to help: Senegal - ColombiaJapan - PolandEngland - BelgiumPanama - Tunisia

The last four games of the group stage will conclude today. First up is Group H with plenty to play for in both games (we'll talk this through during our build-up) and then this evening will see the already qualified England and Belgium face off to see who tops Group G. Remember that both these groups are linked for the next round. 

Good afternoon! Join us for the build-up to today's clash between Senegal and Colombia in the final round of World Cup Group H matches! Both sides go into the game out to seal last-16 qualification - and indeed still in with a chance of topping the group.

Senegal vs Colombia: World Cup Group H preview

Senegal face Colombia in the final round of Group H matches today (16:00 CEST), in a clash that sees both sides not only gunning for knockout-stage qualification, but also still in the hunt to top their pool.

The Africans head into the match in Samara in second - with leaders Japan only ahead by virtue of their superior fair-play record - while the Colombians are a point behind in third.

A last-16 tie with either Belgium or England awaits the two teams to progress from Group H.


With Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria and Tunisia all exiting Russia 2018 at the first hurdle, Senegal are now the only African side left in the competition.

Not since back in 1982 has Africa had no representatives in the second round of a World Cup finals, so it is down to Aliou Cissé's men to preserve that 36-year record.

Having started with a 2-1 victory over Poland, before playing out an entertaining 2-2 draw with Japan, Senegal can now guarantee their place in the last 16 by avoiding defeat against Colombia.

And the Teranga Lions, whose coach has a full complement of players available to him, will go through as group winners if they better Japan's result against the already-out Poles.


Colombia endured a nightmare start to their World Cup campaign in their opener against Japan, when Carlos Sánchez's early red card - for conceding a penalty that the Samurai Blue duly converted - left them down to 10 men for almost the entirety of a match they went on to lose 2-1.

However, Los Cafeteros then bounced back in style on Sunday, putting themselves right back in contention to qualify from Group H with a comprehensive 3-0 triumph over Poland.

José Pekerman's side now take on Senegal knowing that a victory will guarantee a last-16 spot, and that they can even top the group if they win and Japan fail to take all three points from their game.

Sánchez is available for selection once more after serving a one-match ban for his sending-off, while Mateus Uribe is in line to deputise for Abel Aguilar, who was stretchered off in the win over Poland.