LaLiga 2018/19 fixture list confirmed

The 2018/19 LaLiga Santander fixture list for the forthcoming season was confirmed at the Spanish FA headquarters this morning.
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Follow all the action from the RFEF AGM where at 1300 CEST the LaLiga Santander fixture list for the 18/19 is expected to be drawn.

We now know the schedule for the forthcoming LaLiga campaign following the draw staged this morning at the Spanish FA headquarters in Madrid.

The first weekend of action gets underway over the weekend of August 18/19 features an interesting Madrid derby as Getafe face Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu with a tasty tie on the Mediterranean coast at Mestalla as Atletico Madrid face Valencia.

The Barcelona-Real Madrid showdowns are scheduled for match-days 10 and 26 (October 2018 and March 2019 respectively).

LaLiga will now meet with TV rights holders in determining the kick-off times for the first series of fixtures.  

Take a look at the full 2018/19 season fixture list here

LaLiga 2018/19 fixture list draw: as it happened


That concludes our coverage from Las Rozas with the good news that next years fixture list scheduling process should be a more straight forward and dynamic affair as alluded to by new president Rubiales..... Many thanks for your company this morning and stay with AS English for the best reaction and talking points from the new fixture list. Cheers !

Here it is in all its glory: 2018/19 Laliga Santander fixture list  

Still waiting for the final full season draw as the assembly rattles on. We'll leave Rubiales and co. for the moment and hope to offer a link to the full 18/19 fixture list.

Good news...Rubiales confirms that the draw for the 2019/20 LaLiga season fixture list will take place in 2019 between July 1st and 5th ! This is a step in the right direction for long suffering Spanish football !

The last weekend of fixtures looks like this 
Dates for the Basque derby (Athletic v R. Sociedad) 
Seville derby (Best in Spain for many) 

Here's Week 1 of the 2018/19 LaLiga Santander 

  Now going through selected key games ..derbies, clasicos etc ....the full calender should be issued by LaLiga / RFEF in a few minutes.... then get those weekends locked down and flights booked 

RMCF v ATM weekend of 30/09

FCB v Real Madrid on w/e Oct 28 / at Camp Nou

Monica and Felipe doing their best here ..... week 1 of LaLiga is out .... Valencia v At Madrid ... Getafe - Real Madrid 

Week 1 of the Liga Iberdrola has been drawn... Athletic face FC Barcelona of the round .... LaLiga computer whirring away .... fixtures out of the oven shortly we're told 

A pissed Rod Stewart would have been so much easier ....

Week 1 of the Liga Iberdrola is set to be confirmed ..... and then followed by LaLiga .... The code (and reason for the balls) was the unique code that kicks the data base into action.....  

Final ball is ....3 ...this code now triggers off a pattern in the draw system apparently.... 

The final code ball is to be drawn.... anybody know what is going on here ...answers on a postcard please....

Ball No. 2 has been drawn.... and that reveals a code .....Who remembers the Krypton Factor ? MMMM.... Just when UEFA had got the draw procedure off to a fine art with a decent procedure with limited waffle ....along comes Spanish football with a "code based" draw procedure ?!?!

  Two Spanish journalists (Monica Merchante and Felipe del Campo) are on stand to talk us through the will be "Asymmetrical" and each ball in the ball has a code that constitues a draw procedure ..... yep...sounds complex..... here we go .... 

This season we see a change in the format of the LaLigs schedule in that it won't be a "mirror image" format as per in the past ....the second part of the seasons games will be selected by LaLiga...."asymetrical" as points out the FA secretary. Still not sure exactly what format the "draw" we will have .... 

A side point from the FA secretary over the dates for the season ahead , alluding to a difference between FA & LaLiga over dates and he states that if this is the case (and it will be) then the government body of the CSD will intervene and make a definitive verdict on the dates issue.

Draw for men's and women's top flight.....first time for the women's game and men's leagues to be drawn together

We move on .... next point fixture list time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

The issue reared its head again with the dates/venure for the forthcoming Spanish Super Cup which will no be staged as a one-off game between Sevilla and FC Barcelona in Tangiers (Morocco) on August 12 rather than the traditional two legged affair.

We move onto the traditional throrny subject of agreeing dates for the season ahead.... not an area that the FA and LaLiga have seen eye to eye on in the past with the annual "Groundhog Day" issue of date and venue for the Copa del Rey something that Spain really needs to improve.   

We move onto the composition of the 4 x regional 2B divisions with a confirmation on all the teams that will compose each group.  

  The head of finance is still on point 5.6 reviewing certain deeper areas of  the Federation's financial situation..... and now focusing on the situation on 2B side Lorca FC as it looks like they will disappear..... 


This is the ball that will grace the stadia of the LaLiga Santander and Liga 123 grounds next season..... rather smart ?

Rubiales is back in the room.... Come on .... we want the draw !!!!!!

We still don't know what format the fixture draw will have .... last year it was a rambling old affair with club presidents present and balls drawn....With Infantino and Ceferin present, am not convinvced we'll have a similar procedure..... 

Budgets for the 2018 season have just been unanimously approved by the 108 members of the RFEF. (102 in favour, 6 abstentions) as we move on to point 5.3 which deals with salary issues. Rubiales leaves the room (temporarily) deeming that his presence may hinder freedom of speech of FA members present. 

If we only had a smart photo gallery of all the kits that the 20 LaLiga sides will wear in the forthcoming season I hear you all cry .....  

Anyway..ahead of the draw... three "new" sides grace the top flight, we welcome back Real Valladolid and Rayo Vallecano and welcome for their first ever spell in LaLiga, SD Huesca.

The RFEF budget for the current year will be 170 million euro with better sponsorship deals in the pipeline

Point 5.1 and 5.2 finacial summary....

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin was presented with a Spanish shirt earlier from RFEF)president Luis Rubiales ahead of the start of the general assembly at its headquarters in Las Rozas

Hang in there LaLiga fans .... very soon we'll have the fixture list .... We'll keep you updated with all the news from the AGM .... sit through all the "hot air" so you don't have to ; )  

We move on to points 5.1 and 5.2 where the finances of the past year will be reviewed and then move onto the budget for the 2018/19 season

We're still on point 4 where FA VP Ana Muñoz is talking about a new era at the Federation with more transparency and the importance for a higer presence in women in the FA.

The season kicks off over the weekend of August 18/19 (with a game on the Friday very possible) and winds up on May 26. These dates have yet to be approved by LaLiga and are the proposed dates by the Spanish FA. It's hoped that the relationship between both LaLiga and the FA improved under Rubiales.

Today's AGM is the first under new president Luis Rubiales. Two very special guests are in the function room at the FA HQ today.... 

We're currently on point 4 of the AGM agenda at the Spanish FA. The schedule is point 7 and it's anticipated that at approx. 1300 we get the LaLiga draw. 

Hello and welcome to our live coverage from the AGM of the Spanish FA (RFEF). Point seven on the schedule is the drawing of the 2018/19 LaLiga, LaLiga 123 (second tier) and Liga Iberdrola fixture list (Women's top flight).