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AS Roma and Ikea joke after Barcelona's late Malcom move

AS Roma and Ikea joke after Barcelona's late Malcom move


The Swedish company and the Serie A club had an amusing Twitter exchange following the drama that unfolded during Tuesday's signing of the Brazilian.

Serie A side AS Roma's have taken their frustration on losing out to Barcelona for the signing of Malcolm with some humour. At least, for the public side of things via their social media team, and with a little help from Ikea.

Roma and Ikea joke over Malcom affair

On Wednesday, the Italian club announced the arrival of their new goalkeeper, Sweden's Robin Olsen. This signing came just one day after news broke that Bordeaux winger Malcolm, who was believed to be en route to putting pen to paper in Rome, did an 11th-hour u-turn and ended up at Barcelona.

Well-known for their creativity, Roma's Twitter account welcomed Olsen with a nod in the direction of another of his country's prized exports, furniture company Ikea. The post copied the style of Ikea's instruction manuals to resemble the goalkeeper as a product needing to be put together.

An unexpected response came back from Ikea. In it they confirmed that the purchased goalkeeper had indeed been shipped, however, another requested package had been lost, including the name of the Brazilian in a direct reference to the Malcom situation.

Fortunately, and true to form, those behind the Roma account took the joke in good faith and played along: "When you order something from IKEA only to find out it’s been listed on eBay."

Despite losing out to Barça on this signing, their sense of humour cannot be taken away...probably laced with memories of the Champions League quarter final last season.

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