Rafinha: “I’d love to see my brother Thiago at Barça”

Rafinha: “I’d love to see my brother Thiago at Barça”



The Brazilian sent a clear message to Barça directors, but was coy about his own future: “If I knew, I’d say; it’s a matter my agents are taking care of”.

Just like his brother Thiago, Rafinha is a man of few words when attending the media. He comes across as civil - if a little blunt, but in spite of all of that he always manages to make his point. Rafinha faced the press at the AT&T Stadium with two things clear in his mind. Firstly, not to give anything away about his future – or even air an opinion either way on whether he’s happy or not with the playing time he’s been getting: “That’s completely out of my hands. The only thing on my mind is being well physically – my agents handle everything else. The most important thing for me is making sure I avoid getting injured. Every footballer wants to play football and I’m no different, whether I’m here or somewhere else. I’m ready for every outcome. If I knew about my future, I’d say so, I swear. But that’s not on my mind right now. I’ve enjoyed six great months at Inter but I’m a Barcelona player”.

Alcántara brothers at Barcelona?

Rafinha surprised reporters with his answer to another question – concerning his brother Thiago. He responded almost as though he knows something the rest of us don’t: “I’d like to see him at Barça because he would fit into this team perfectly”.



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