Valladolid's new pitch disintegrates during Barcelona match

The fresh turf at the Estadio José Zorrilla was only laid four days ago, and it cut up terribly as the LaLiga match progressed. Piqué angrily criticised the pitch after the match.

Valladolid's new pitch disintegrates during Barcelona match

Valladolid laid a new pitch at their José Zorrilla stadium just four days before this evening's LaLiga match against Barcelona and the new turf was a complete disaster.

The pitch was replaced just days ago

From the very start of the match the pitch started cutting up, with huge divots left every time a player went down.


What's more entire sections of the newly laid grass lifted up, and it was clear the players were struggling to move freely on the pitch.

It's not attached!

The Barcelona players were seen complaining vociferously to the officials about the state of the playing surface. It remains to be seen whether LaLiga will take action over the dire state of the José Zorrilla.

Piqué critices the pitch

Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué reacted angrily to the state of the pitch after the match, saying it was a "disgrace" and that there was a "huge risk of injury" playing on it. Piqué said LaLiga was keen to sell the tournament to the USA but first they needed to sort things out in Spain "because the risk of injury tonight was massive". 

Piqué unhappy about the pitch



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