Luis Suárez: “You lose adrenaline and desire to celebrate with VAR”

Luis Suárez celebrando el gol.

David Ramos

Getty Images

The Uruguayan was forced to wait to celebrate after he scored in the first half against Huesca at the Camp Nou on Sunday night thanks to VAR's delay.

Luis Suarez scored a brace against Huesca on Sunday night but the first took some time to be confirmed. The pass from Alba had to go to VAR as there was a hint of offside when the left-back picked up the ball. 

"When you have doubts, with the VAR, you'll lose your adrenaline and desire to celebrate. It's a blow to your happiness. You can't make mistakes as everything is so controlled," he said after the game.

"I always want to help the team in every way and if it's with goals, even better," he said after his brace during the 8-2 win.

Barcelona are leaders of LaLiga after three games with their superior goal difference. "We are picking up the pace of the season. We started the game asleep before Huesca, but the goal helped us to react. It's good to be leader heading into the break."


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