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'I'm in here, lads' - The day Peter Crouch met Xabi Alonso's wife

'I'm in here, lads' - The day Peter Crouch met Xabi Alonso's wife

Stoke City's English striker revealed an amusing story about the time he met Nagore Aranburu in a hotel lobby, not knowing it was the wife of his then-Liverpool teammate.

Peter Crouch arrived at Liverpool FC from Southampton in 2005. This was the year after Xabi Alonso had joined the Anfield club and the English striker has revealed how an awkward incident related to the Spaniard took place in his very early days.

Crouch and the beautiful receptionist

"On signing for Liverpool I stayed at the Hope Street Hotel," explains Crouch. "On reception was a girl so good-looking I couldn't quite believe she was smiling at me all the time.

"I told the lads in training, 'honestly, she's beautiful, I think I've got a shout here,' he continued which led one of the senior players at the club, Jamie Carragher, to call over a few others so that they could hear the story directly. "Tell them again, Crouchie," directed the local lad.

The now-Stoke City player obliged. "Amazing. Dark-haired. Spanish-looking. I'm in there," he proclaimed. Then he found out that she was actually dating his teammate Alonso. 

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About last night. Empezando mi cumple con el hombre de mi vida 💘 @xabialonso #birthdaygirl #inlove #moreandmore

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Xabi understanding, Carra less so

After finding out the truth, Crouch explained further that "she was doing a bit of work to practise her language skills. He [Alonso] was nice about it. So was she. Carra less so."

In 2009 Alonso and Nagore Aranburu were married and now have three children. Crouch also has three kids with his wife Abbey Clancy.

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