Barça players give green light to USA game against Girona


“We sat down with them, spoke to them and gave them the details. I think that they understand the position of the club," said spokesman Josep Vives.

FC Barcelona spokesman Josep Vives has revealed that the first-team squad have agreed in principle to play a Liga fixture against Girona in the USA. The match, which was scheduled for match week 21 at Gironas Montilivi stadium, is to be staged instead in Miami if Javier Tebas and the Spanish Professional Football League receive the necessary authorisation to go ahead.

I think that the players understand the position of the club, Vives said on Wednesday. They understand what the necessities are for Barça and for LaLiga. Today we are not just playing at Camp Nou, we are playing on a global stage. After we sat down with them, explained everything to them and gave them the details, we are now past the stage where any of the players should feel in any way put out.

"We remain optimistic, but the end result is another matter"

Vives went on to say that while Barcelona are in agreement with the idea to stage a game in the USA - LaLiga recently having signed a 15-year deal with media firm Relevent - there are still many hoops to jump through before it becomes a reality. The club has written a letter signed by [Barça president] Josep Maria Bartomeu, [Girona president] Delfí Geli and Javier Tebas. We are optimistic. We have already said that we are in favour of playing a game in the USA but we want to make sure that we do so in an atmosphere of harmony and consensus. And that includes the players, who we have spoken to, and the Spanish Football Federation. We remain optimistic, but the end result is another matter. There are many organisations that have to have their say.