Barcelona 1-1 Athletic Club

Messi booked for protests at end of Barcelona - Athletic game

Messi gets yellow card against Athletic Club



The Barcelona forward, who came on in the second half, gave the official a piece of his mind at the final whistle.

Leo Messi finished Barcelona’s match against Athletic Club at the Camp Nou (1-1) in a tremendous rage. Proof of that is the way in which he went straight to the referee, Santiago Jaime Latre, at the final whistle to protest at some perceived mistake of the official. The Barcelona player had previously unleashed a tirade at the official for not awarding a corner when a shot from the Argentinean had gone behind after being deflected by an Athletic player.

Leo Messi gets a yellow card

The referee, in the face of Messi’s angry rant, appeared to say “I do the best I can”, but as the Argentinean continued to complain vociferously the official booked him. Carlos Naval, the Barcelona team delegate, ended up escorting Messi away from the scene


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