Barça VP Cardoner denies interest in Neymar return

Barça VP Cardoner denies interest in Neymar return



The Catalan club representative instantiated that it was the Brazilian player who actively looked for the move away from Camp Nou.

Vicepresident of FC Barcelona Jordi Cardoner maintains that "no-one on the current Barça board has talked about a return for Neymar, so it's really a hypothetical question as it's not being looked at".

Cardoner was speaking to the SER Catalunya radio network when making the declaration and it was evident from his language that he personally has no interest in having the Brazilian player back at Camp Nou.

Neymar Jr.

“It was Neymar who left us, another thing would have been a lack of faith in him from our side but that simply wasn't the case. If the proposal did actually come about, then it would be a matter that would need the input of the board of directors" he affirmed.


Thus the Barcelona vicepresident distanced himself from recent information that members from the players close circle of friends had "leaked" information to the Catalan club that the player was hankering for a move back to LaLiga.


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