Marcelo and reporter involved in heated Mixed Zone discussion

After the Viktoria Plzen game, Marcelo said he couldn't understand the criticism Real Madrid have been getting. "Maybe you're jealous because you can't play football".

After the Viktoria Plzen game, Marcelo was one of the Real Madrid players who stopped to attend the media but whether it was a case of crossed wires, or something which got lost in translation, there was a moment when the discussion turned heated with members of the Spanish press. The Madrid captain said he couldn't understand why Real Madrid were receiving such criticism in the national press - one journalist took offence when it was suggested that maybe it was down to jealousy.

Marcelo: “It’s tough to take when you don’t win but all of this talk about a crisis, that’s not something we the players are talking about, that’s what you, the press are talking about, you know? We don’t let it affect us at all. You are trying to damage the squad – a lot”

Journalist: “You think the press are deliberately trying to damage the squad?”

Marcelo: “In my opinion, yes”.

Journalist: “Let’s be specific. Do you think I personally am trying to hurt the squad?”

Marcelo: “Journalists in general, all of you. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s jealousy, I don’t know, because you don’t know how to play football. I’ve no idea…”

Journalist: “Well I do know how to play football – maybe not as well as you, and I don’t earn as much money as you but I do know how to play football. I’m a journalist, that’s the only discipline I studied. I’m not a footballer. I don’t like the lack of respect you are showing me because I have never shown you a lack of respect. What’s being able to play football or not got to do with being able to ask you a question about it?”

Marcelo: “I don’t know, as I said, maybe you’re jealous because you don’t know how to play football…”

Journalist: “Jealous? Why would we be jealous of you?”

Marcelo: “I really don’t know, and to be honest, I don’t care”.

Journalist: “You’re the one who’s attacking us by saying we’re jealous. You cannot show us such disrespect by claiming we are jealous of you. Why should I be jealous of you, Marcelo?”

Marcelo: “You criticize us every day and show a lack of respect”.

Journalist: “What are you really bothered about - that we criticize you for how the team performs on the pitch, or for example, what was published about you in Italy?”

Marcelo: “I’m not bothered at all. I always stand up and be counted, I’m always here talking to everyone and looking at you straight in the eye. Sometimes, occasionally, I think some things that are written are unfair. But personally, I don’t have any problems”.


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