Camp Nou to unveil breath-taking 90,000 card mosaic before El Clásico

The spectacular mosaic will feature the slogan: "We color football" while the goal ends of Camp Nou will show the colours of the Senyera and blue and claret.

Minutes before Sunday's Clásico kicks off, those attending the game at Camp Nou will raise 90,000 blue, claret and yellow coloured cards to reveal a giant mosaic that will fill the stands from top to bottom. The mosaic cards will be positioned on Saturday morning so that everything will be ready 24 hours in advance.

"We color Football"

The spectacular mosaic will feature a slogan, in English, on the lateral stand: "We color football" in huge yellow letters while the Gol Sud and Nord ends of Camp Nou will show the colours of the regional Senyera flag in yellow and claret.

Organizers are hoping that the weather is favourable although the forecast for the weekend isn't too good with rain and low temperatures expected although that won't have any effect on the mosaico which has always been a huge success in previous editions of this fixture. The first mosaic to be unveiled at Camp Nou in El Clásico was on 7 March 1992, over 26 years ago.