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How the Champions League groups stand ahead of match-day 4

Gundogan controla el balón durante el calentamiento previo a un partido del Manchester City.



Eight sides could claim a place in the next round of the 2018/19 competition with ten teams facing elimination as the "Road to Madrid" continues.

The 2018/19 Champions League  moves into match-day 4 and things now get interesting with places in the next phase mathematically possible for eight clubs. Here's a group by group look at how things stand as we continue on the "Road to Madrid."

Group A

Today – 18:55 – Monaco-Bruges
Today – 21:00 – Atlético-Dortmund

One of the groups that can be resolved, in order for that to happen Atlético need to beat Dortmund and Mónaco and Bruges draw in the principality.

Dortmund are guaranteed of going through to the last 16 with a win, a draw in both today's group games would also see the Germans progress.

Atlético go through with a win and a tie in the earlier fixture.

The loser of the Mónaco-Bruges match will be eliminated should Atlético beat Dortmund.

Possibility of last 16 place: Dortmund and Atlético.
Possibility of elimination: Mónaco and Bruges.

Standing and fixtures: Group A.

Grupo B

Today – 21:00 – Inter-Barcelona
Today – 21:00 – Tottenham-PSV

A similar situation awaits as per group A. Barcelona progress with a win, if they fail to do so, a draw in the Tottenham-PSV would suffice.

A win for Inter would see the Italians advance when Tottenham and PSV draw.

Tottenham and PSV both need a win to keep their options alive should Inter beat Barcelona. Should the English and Dutch side draw coupled with an Inter win, both would be eliminated.

Possibility of last 16 place: Barcelona and Inter.
Possibility of elimination: PSV and Tottenham.

Standing and fixtures: Group B.

Group C

Today – 18:55 – Red Star-Liverpool
Today – 21:00 – Napoli-PSG

One of the most open groups with no side from the four able to advance in match-day 4. Red Star Belgrade could be eliminated should they lose to Liverpool and Ancelotti's Napoli record a win.

Possibility of last 16 place:
Possibility of elimination: Red Star.

Standing and fixtures: Group C.

Group D

Today – 21:00 – Schalke 04-Galatasaray
Today – 21:00 – FC Porto-Lokomotive Moscow

No team can mathematically advance tonight although a win for Porto would have the Portuguese side virtually through assuming Galatasaray fall in Germany. The Russian champions have to win to keep their hopes alive and should they draw, only a draw in the other fixture keeps their Champions League dreams intact.

Possibility of last 16 place:
Possibility of elimination: Lokomotive Moscow.

Standing and fixtures: Group D.

Grupo E

Weds. – 21:00 – Benfica-Ajax
Weds. – 21:00 – Bayern-AEK

OAs with the cas eof groups A and B, matter in this group could be resolved this week. For this to happen, a win would see Ajax and Bayern progress. The German outfit do depend on the Amsterdam based side to win in Lisbon.

A defeat would see AEK eliminated. A draw for the Greek side coupled with defeat for Ajax would keep their hopes alive.

Benfica are out if they lose and Bayern win.

Possibility of last 16 place: Ajax and Bayern.
Possibility of elimination: Benfica and AEK.

Standing and fixtures: Group E.

Group F

Weds. – 21:00 – Manchester City-Shakhtar Donetsk
Weds. – 21:00 – Lyon-Hoffenheim

Manchester City advance with a win at home.

Hoffenheim loss coupled with Shakhtar Donetsk defeat sees the end of their Champions League campaign.

Possibility of last 16 place: Manchester City.
Possibility of elimination: Hoffenheim.

Standing and fixtures: Group F.

Group G

Weds. – 18:55 – CSKA Moscú-Roma
Weds. – 21:00 – Plzen-Real Madrid

Real Madrid losing to CSKA in match-day 2 means that this is another group that cannot be resolved this week. A loss for the side from Plzen would see the Czechs eliminated when Roma overcome CSKA.

Possibility of last 16 place:
Possibility of elimination: Viktoria Plzen.

Standing and fixtures: Group G.

Group H

Weds. – 18:55 – Valencia-Young Boys
Weds. – 21:00 – Juventus-Manchester United

With three wins from three, Juventus are on the cusp of advancing with a win enough for the Serie A side should Valencia and Young Boys tie.

Possibility of last 16 place: Juventus.
Possibility of elimination:

Standing and fixtures: Group  H.


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