Barcelona 3-4 Betis

Ter Stegen is human after all: howler gifts Betis their third goal

Ter Stegen mistake in Betis win



The Barcelona keeper’s howler gifted Lo Celso a goal and took the pressure off Betis just after Barcelona had made it 1-2.

Barcelona’s disastrous afternoon at the Camp Nou, which saw them beaten by Betis, included a disastrous moment for their normally rock solid keeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen.

There had been nothing the German stopper could have done with the two opening goals (a fine effort from Junior and a Joaquín strike), but the visitor’s third goal was entirely his fault.

Ter Stegen tips Lo Celso effort into his net

Ter Stegen gifts Lo Celso Betis' third goal

Just after Barcelona had got back into the match through a Messi penalty to make it 1-2, Lo Celso managed to get off a fairly tame diagonal shot in the box. There looked to be little danger as the ball headed to Ter Stegen’s hands, but he failed to grasp it and it looped out of his fingers, over his head and into the back of the net.

Ter Stegen slumps on the Camp Nou turf

Ter Stegen slumped to the ground, knowing his mistake had knocked the wind right out of Barcelona’s comeback sails.



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