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Sergio Ramos gets back at Lovren with Instagram mocking

The Real Madrid and Spain captain gave a 'like' to an image taking aim at Croatia's Liverpool defender in what appears to be an ongoing love affair.

The continued back-and-forth spat between Sergio Ramos and Dejan Lovren doesn't appear to be stopping any time soon. In the latest episode, Spanish captain Ramos has chosen to click on the 'like' button to a user's image mocking the Croatian defender.

Ramos and Lovren: get a room

Ever since the Champions League final when the holder of the Real Madrid armband was victorious in a game marred by the injury he caused on Lovren's good friend Mohamed Salah, the two player's seem to have been at it.

After Croatia defeated Spain last week - taking qualification in UEFA's Nations League out of the hands of La Roja - the Liverpool defender was quickly on social media with some choice words for his opposite number

Well, Ramos' apparent retort has come in the form of a 'like' to a picture being circulated showing Los Blancos star proudly holding the Champions League trophy aloft, with an image of Lovren distraught pasted into the foreground.

The pair have certainly received plenty of exposure* with their one-upmanship which begs the question: is it all just a bit of a laugh between the two jokesters rather than the 'bitter feud' that some make it out to be?

(*guilty as charged!)


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