Copa Libertadores Final

Relive Boca Junior 2 - 2 River Plate... with Lego film

Relive Boca Junior 2 - 2 River Plate... with Lego film



The four-goal rain-drenched first-leg of the Copa Libertadores Final 2018 has been beautifully captured in a 'stop motion' video using Lego.

It was one of the most anticipated games of the year and, in addition to the millions of spectators who watched the first leg of the Copa Libertadores final between Boca Juniors and River Plate (which ended 2-2), many decided to recreate it in their own way.

Lego does Superclásico

As usual, social networks were rammed with pictures, memes, clips, and comments, with the four goals, the players, and the fans all being part of the reviews. But the imagination did not stop there as we were given the treat of watching the first match of this fierce rivalry through the movements of Lego figures in a two-minute video.

In fact, the Youtube Bricks FX channel has been recreating some of the most popular football matches with Lego pieces and the stop motion technique for some time now.

Relive the match from La Bombonera on November 11 in this beautifully crafted video. And then on Saturday, November 24, get ready for the decisive second leg which we'll have live for you on AS English...but not in Lego!


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