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Open de Australia Dobles Masculino
adrian_mannarino__andreas_mies Adrian Mannarino # Andreas Mies MAN#MIE
5 4
bob_bryan__mike_bryan Bob Bryan # Mike Bryan BRY#BRY
7 3
pablo_carreno_busta__guillermo_garcia_lopez Pablo Carreño-Busta # Guillermo García López CAR#GAR
6 2
mao_xin_gong__ze_zhang Mao-Xin Gong # Ze Zhang GON#ZHA
3 3
pierre_hugues_herbert__nicolas_mahut Pierre-Hugues Herbert # Nicolas Mahut HER#MAH
denys_molchanov__igor_zelenay Denys Molchanov # Igor Zelenay MOL#ZEL
oliver_marach__mate_pavic Oliver Marach # Mate Pavic MAR#PAV
maximo_gonzalez__nicolas_jarry Máximo González # Nicolás Jarry GON#JAR
mackenzie_mcdonald__tennys_sandgren Mackenzie McDonald # Tennys Sandgren MCD#SAN
jeremy_chardy__fabrice_martin Jeremy Chardy # Fabrice Martin CHA#MAR
guillermo_duran__diego_sebastian_schwartzman Guillermo Duran # Diego Sebastian Schwartzman DUR#SCH
blake_ellis__alexei_popyrin Blake Ellis # Alexei Popyrin Ell#POP
dominic_inglot__franco_skugor Dominic Inglot # Franco Skugor ING#SKU
taro_daniel__john_millman Taro Daniel # John Millman DAN#MIL
ryan_harrison__sam_querrey Ryan Harrison # Sam Querrey HAR#QUE
austin_krajicek__artem_sitak Austin Krajicek # Artem Sitak KRA#SIT
henri_kontinen__john_peers Henri Kontinen # John Peers KON#PEE
6 6
ken_skupski__neal_skupski Ken Skupski # Neal Skupski SKU#SKU
3 4
kevin_krawietz__nikola_mektic Kevin Krawietz # Nikola Mektic KRA#MEK
6 7
ivan_dodig__edouard_roger_vasselin Ivan Dodig # Edouard Roger Vasselin DOD#ROG
3 6
roberto_carballes_baena__andrey_rublev Roberto Carballes Baena # Andrey Rublev CAR#RUB
6 3
leonardo_mayer__joao_sousa Leonardo Mayer # Joao Sousa MAY#SOU
7 6



"I trained because I had to; Ronaldo does because he loves it”

Brazil legend Ronaldo Nazarío has said that he and Cristiano Ronaldo have nothing in common except the "desire to score goals".

They share the same name and were both goal scoring legends at Real Madrid. But that’s where the similarities stop, according Brazil legend Ronaldo Nazário, who has said that apart from a strong desire to score goals, he and Cristiano Ronaldo have very little in common.

"We are different in terms of our position on the field and the way of interpreting it. Even if Cristiano now plays in a more central position, he has another way of approaching the goal with respect to how I did, even if the objective is the same,” said Ronaldo in an interview published this Friday by Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Of course, we’re almost the same in the desire to score goals,” added the ex-Brazil player and current owner of Valladolid, who also highlighted the distinct ways he approached training with respect to Cristiano Ronaldo.

"It's no coincidence that Cristiano has reached 33 years of age in that shape. I think there are few players who take care of their body like he does, with so much desire to improve," he said.

"I’m not saying that our concept of training, of the importance of work, is the complete opposite, but it is certainly different. I trained because I had to do; he does it because he loves it.”

Ronaldo at PSV and later with Inter Milan

Ronaldo and Cristiano from different eras

Ronaldo also highlighted that he and Cristiano are incomparable because of the fact that they have played in different eras. “We have nine years in the difference and the years that we have played are very different. I don’t mean in my time it was more difficult, but we faced different situations and with different teams.”

Ronaldo arrived in Europe in 1994 to play for PSV Eindhoven (1994-96), before stints at Barcelona (1996-97), Inter Milan (1997-2002), Real Madrid (2002-07) and AC Milan (2007-2009). He returned to Brazil to play for Corinthians for one season (2009-10), before retiring from the game. In September he became the largest shareholder in Valladolid football club, and has said he aims to take the club global.

Ronaldo was unveiled as Vallodolid's new owner in September

Ballon d'Or

Last Monday, Luka Modric joined him and Cristiano on the exclusive list of Ballon d’Or winners. And the former Brazil striker believes that this year’s decision to choose Modric over Cristiano was purely based on their respective World Cup performances.

“We, the players, knew it well,” he said. "Everyone knows the Ballon d’Or is an award influenced by results and at the World Cup, Modric’s Croatia did better than Ronaldo’s Portugal.”



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