There's two sides to every story - Bosnich defends Pogba over Mourinho tweet row

There's two sides to every story - Bosnich defends Pogba over Mourinho tweet row

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Paul Pogba's "caption this" tweet should not have been posted, says former Manchester United goalkeeper Mark Bosnich.

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Mark Bosnich feels Paul Pogba's much criticised tweet following Jose Mourinho's sacking should not have been posted, but he defended the midfielder.

Pogba tweeted a photo of himself seemingly smirking with the words "caption this" shortly after Manchester United confirmed Mourinho's departure on Tuesday, two days after a 3-1 Premier League loss at Liverpool.

The France international had a difficult relationship with Mourinho, having been sidelined by the Portuguese in recent weeks and caught on camera rowing with his manager on the training ground earlier in the season.

United great Gary Neville was particularly angered, telling Sky Sports that Pogba was "dancing on the grave" of Mourinho and tweeting that the France midfielder should "do one".

It has been suggested Pogba's tweet was an ill-timed sponsored post and Bosnich agrees that was likely the case, although the player is still yet to comment on Mourinho's departure.

Neville not happy with Pogba's tweet

"There's two sides to every story, I also saw Gary Neville's response that he thought it was rubbish the fact that it was a tweet that was scheduled," Bosnich said to Omnisport.

"I think [ex-Arsenal striker] Ian Wright said that it was a scheduled tweet, so we don't really know but the bottom line is it shouldn't have been put out there. His people should've thought about the fact that somebody had just been sacked.

"I had the experience at Aston Villa with Ron Atkinson, who was a superb manager as well. Six months after winning the EFL Cup he was sacked by the late Doug Ellis and it's really not a nice situation.

"With hindsight, regardless of whether it was scheduled or not that tweet shouldn't have gone out."

Bosnich played for Villa between his two spells at United and the former Australia international suggested social media has a dark side.

"Social media wasn't around in our era and the bottom line is, way back in that day, there were people in that side at Aston Villa who were feeling and acted privately in the way that it came across in the Pogba Instagram," Bosnich added.

"There wouldn't have been a similar reaction because now you hit Instagram and it goes to the whole world."