Arturo Vidal has property seized after non-payment of debt

Arturo Vidal has property seized after non-payment of debt

The Barcelona midfielder was sent a final warning at the end of 2018 but with no action apparently taken, has had properties repossessed.

Arturo Vidal has had four homes repossessed after failing to pay his due debts.

Vidal loses four homes in Turin

The current FC Barcelona midfielder, signed from Bayern Munich in the summer of 2018, left behind a debt of 18,489 euros on the properties in Moncalieri, nine kilometres away from Turin. This was built up during the time that the Chilean played for Italian giants Juventus between 2011 and 2015.

The embargo process began in 2017, when the player was at the Bundesliga club, with the amount being owed at 17,045.76 euros, to be precise. That figure then increased to 18,489 with the addition of court costs incurred. Besides the debt, Vidal is also being asked for another 12,058.75 euros in liquidity costs generated during the process.

According to the notification (shown above), Vidal received a final warning on Christmas Eve (December 24) 2018, advising him to settle the debt before the end of the calendar year. With no action apparently taken on behalf of the player, the Italian justice seized the properties in Moncalieri, which will now go into an auction process.